3x great wyrms in PvP

I have encountered this team several times. Since my stats are not high (I am still upgrading kingdom levels and power levels and no guild skills), if the starting board is not favorable, I’d lose to skull cascades. Any team that would counter this set up?

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Teams that start with an entangle do well vs the 3x Great Wyrm unless they use Sister Superior for her cleanse. As long as the first troop of theirs stays entangled the skulls are of little issue. You could use a troop like Centuragon to turn what is left of the skulls into mana for yourself or simply keep the entangles up and try to go for a more AOE approach. Taking them down one by one with skulls is less effective because you will need to more often keep applying the entangles to prevent them doing a lot of skull damage whenever they get a turn. Looping teams work well especially if doing true damage. Hope this helps.


Also I remember a time a few months back when their third trait was broken and temporarily replaced with a 50% start for dragons and many people doubted their third trait being fixed was a mechanic worth anything lol. Lot’s of don’t fix them and just keep the 50% start for dragons mechanic because Essenscia is not that great. I however was looking forward to seeing it fixed as it is a new mechanic that holds potential and as you can see in both pvp and explore stacking them is quite an effective strategy.

Thanks. So maybe a barbarian class with queen beetrix?

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Yup Beetrix or Venoxia or both. It is not a bad idea to use a weapon that can throw an entangle back up in case the first troop dies. If they use a Gnoll in first slot I find it has lower health and dies before they do usually so Rope Dart or Arboreal Crystal can make for a good way to refresh the entangle if needed but ideally killing them all at the same time is the goal while the first troop is still entangled.

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I was one of the ones wanting to keep 50% mana start - not because I thought the third trait was bad but because Essencia is so useless and I have no hope of them fixing her anytime soon.

However, I’m now glad they fixed it because that team (with webspinner in front is what I mostly use) is also fun in attack on semi high levels.

So sometimes it’s good to be ignored. :joy:


Don’t get me wrong I highly agree she is quite bad for her spell but at least that mechanic exists. The Webspinner 3x The great Wyrm team can do some fast explore clears and pvp but when the Hoard Mimic mechanic drops in 6.2 it will not be viable for explore unless you don’t mind losing out on the 5x medals for beating them :open_mouth: 25% and 70% skull reduction together will make that tactic almost fully useless for explore.

Definitely needs something else for explore once that’s live. I Mainly use the 3x wyrm for pvp now, and a Zuul team for explore. Or good old Scorpius/Euryali when I’m in Nexus.

I can freely admit that I focused on the wrong side of things. Who cares about 50% mana start for dragons when you can have 3x wyrm instead? :grin:

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Zuul will still always be effective just with them being Impervious they cant be entangled or frozen meaning those skulls have a higher potential to backfire. However using green yellow and brown mana Hoard Mimic might make a good tank for the Zuul teams without mana blocking Thrall or Zuul.

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I am partly to blame for this. I started experimenting with Great Wyrm in my Explore 12 team (Zuul+Fireblade Slayer) to generate 2 skulls at the beginning of the fight. It works well. Then I got thinking “More Wyrms would be hilarious…” so I made 3x Great Wyrm and thought of a great tank: Lord of Slaughter. Starts with a Doomstorm, ignores all armor… just amazing all around.

I started using that as my PvP defense months ago – had never seen it before. And now they’re all over the place.

I switched to Zuul’Goth though because Lord can be entangled. And Zuul gains some minor stats when matching skulls, which adds up.

I did see lord slaughter + 3x Great Wyrm but mostly are Webspinner

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I use Marilith, Venoxia, Scaleguard Protector and Venoxia more then 80% win rate