Trying to make this combo work

The SilverMaiden (19th, fully traited) (on the top)
On the Bottom Enchantress (19th, fully traited)

Trying to find two middle troops that can do damage and a bonus produce mana for these two

(all mythics fully traited)
I tried
Giant Spider - get purple but no real attack

Green Seer - to feed Glade Warren
Goblem Shamen - to feed Glade Warren
Glade Warren (to get the Elf bonus as well)

I have currently Centaur Scout and Gorgon fully traited but still can’t get enough mana to really keep Enchantress busy.

Normally by Thursday I have worked out a combo with the newest troops that actually work solidly in PVP…


Green/Brown is a good color if you’re using Silvermaiden up front. Silvermaiden buffs her own armor, so I think she would pair nicely with Settite Warrior.


Efficacy confirmed. A tad slow but definitely powerful. Defeated a high level Mab team fairly easily.

Frozen Banner (+2 blue, +1 purple, -1 red)
Giant Spider
Settite Warrior

I tried enchantress with silver maiden. After one day, I threw her out. My team this week is


I don’t have Silvermaiden fully traited, so she isn’t a viable tank for me, but Pharos-Ra is kicking butt and the team is netting me 250 souls per pvp battle, not even trying.

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Hi Isis_Kitty

I don’t have Pharos-Ra

And Appreciate the input but I actually like the combo…so looking for two in the middle. I could do OP but that’s not my thing :slight_smile:

Ahh, np, just putting in my 2-cents while I haunt the forums at work. :wink:

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I totally hear you on the haunting the forums.

I try to not OP the team unless it makes sense. I have EK/V/Ban/ Combo that I could just put at the top and let EK do the work (and it has crossed my mind… She took over 150 skull damage last game and brushed herself off and still had plenty of shield/life left plus she was sitting on a spell in case that really did break through her Armour.

This team is actually good enough, I might continue using it. :wink:

Settite Warrior does massive damage boosting his spell off of Silvermaiden when she’s got 125 armor. :smiley:

EDIT: Just don’t use it against Wraith / Courage / Bone Dragon / Famine cheese! :fearful:


Silvermaiden, Enchantress, Krystenax, Settite Warrior


Interesting Order

I just got K…tooo though he’s not traited… Going to have to try that.

Oh ya when she’s up there in the 3 digit armor…it gets to be amusing…

I will definitely try the Settite. He’s been sitting there and never really been played

I haven’t traited Krystenax yet either but when cast he is freakin deadly

Silvermaiden is Blue/Purple and Enchantress is Yellow/Purple. Stands to reason you want Green, Brown and Red.

Sylvanimora, Ragnagord, Gorgotha, possibly Kraken, possibly Krystenax.

Settite Warrior is good if you’re trying to get Silvermaiden to be huge, but by the same token, so is Pride Guard.

Dark Troll does Purple generation but I’ve never seen him used.

Another good generator to pair with Gorgotha is Marilith.

Full color coverage by the first 3 troops, with two solid mana generators.

I have to share with you all as I have been trying different suggestions, one of the last PVP and how absolutely crazy it went (30 rounds)

Teach me to pay attention to the cards below her but… Silver Maiden managed to with doing some really kooky things take down 2 of the troops through her destroy a row.

The first picture here is the last round where the three skull row is what I picked to end the match.

How did I loose all my other troops 1 troop on the other side…I wasn’t paying attention

So round 8 - I have only Silver, and had widdled this troop down to 15…(he was #2) I already had taken out Troop 1

Took another 22 rounds but planning where skulls were, making sure the other team didn’t get skulls I proved that not only can she hold her own she can win…even if she lost her team. I know other people who would have just retreated at that point when the other 3 were trashed.

I had him for a while to see how well he would work to mana fill Silvermaiden…but like all my mana makers, I never seem to get enough together to keep the board.

He’s fun with Giant Spider/Dark Troll/ Warlock