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I don’t know where to put this

I was stationed overseas and we had squadron bars that would give away a beer or mixed drink or shot to you. They would make sure to point out the donation coffee cans after “giving” you a drink. If you didn’t “donate” they wouldn’t “give” you another drink. That’s how they got around “selling” alcohol.

What if a guild were to “give” away a spot in the guild during a hard to get pet rescue? In return you “donate” gold towards a task. Would this be a violation of some term of service?

No, I don’t know of anyone doing this or plan to do this. I am just wondering.

Well, this kind of guild dynamics seems like a very gray area, but regarding your example about Pet Rescues i don’t think there is anything wrong with it.

Pet rescues only work if they were in your guild at the start of the rescue.


Well that answers that, lol. You can’t join a guild during a rescue and then get to do the rescue. Seems as though them developers anticipated some shenanigans, hahaha.

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They got you good!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s no such thing as a hard-to-get pet rescue. Theoretically the odds are equal on all of them.

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First the devs got you, then Jonathan piled on!!! Double got!!!

Also, unless your name is segway, I think you meant segue.


Theoretically, schmeoretically, as I like to say.

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