I have been challenged to find a guild. Level 1200+. Picky as hell, but looking

@awryan gave me his blessing to find a guild that matches what he offers. As such, I’m on a mission to do so. If no such guild exists, then I am bragging on behalf of AWR. If such guild exists, I will join it.

55-60 LT tasks weekly, no GW, no event participation. In return, I donate an extra amount of gold than the average member.

Who’s got a spot?


Never mind. :slight_smile:

I don’t think any guild out there offers those requirements. I would like to see a screen shot of the guild roster on Sunday showing each person in the guild giving over 2 million gold every week, I think that sounds a bit fishy considering there are no other requirements.

Excuse me, a question (curiosity): are you looking for a guild for you, for Ryan or for both of you?


Here :fish::fish::fish::fish::fish:

I only require X amount of gold to be excused from guild event Requirements. Otherwise, members need to keep up with our averages over X amount of time but not required to donate 2 million each week.

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He’s looking @madking
I’m very content in my mine. I told him if he could find a better guild for his play style than mine then go for it. This is him going for it. :grinning:

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Ok, that is the top 9 people, what about the other 21 people? They all give similar amounts?
If so, how the hell do you make that kind of money without playing 6 hours a day.

Click on the image to see the full SS. :person_facepalming:

Thanks for the offers but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna stay with AWR. The dedication of the people here is as annoying as it is profitable. :smiley:

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Beg pardon? I was looking for a guild that can offer up the same as AWR. Non could, so props were given. Ryan is well aware of how efficient his group his, I think I hurt your feelings by reminding you of it (accidentally I may add) more than I buffed his ego.

You’re so happy with your guild that you go into random threads of people looking for a guild to spew nonsense? Right! I believe ya.

And yes, I could have searched every requirement thread on the forum for information (a lot of which is outdated without tons of scrolling), or, I could take a short cut and put what I’m getting and see if there’s a better offer.

The only thing I’m choking on is laughter because of your inability to find water to drink some of that salt down with. Have a fantastic day! <3

Doh, did not think to click the image and am now at work and cannot click it. So… I will check that later. Thanks @awryan

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Just love these joke threads. very funny lmao

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That is just insane amounts of money donated weekly.

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We average 60 LT a week. Have been all of 2018 I think. A year ago this time I think we were doing 10 a week. We’ve progressed steadily over time.

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