I didn't get my birthday present!

So finally I turned level 500! The big day was here! I had been looking forward to this day for so long time. What would I get? Maybe the Dawnbringer weapon, it’s on top of my wishlist. Okay, I get it I can’t get Dawnbringer. It’s super expensive and super dangerous, maybe when i turn level 1000. At least a gift card with gems, “Buy something you like, best wishes from grandma and grandpa”. Then I would get Pharos-Ra so we two can challange every kingdom together!

But no. Nope. Nothing.
Have you all forgotten?
Noo, I’m level 500. This is big! You can’t forget that!
You are just joking with me, right? You have a suprise party! Riiight??

I’m level 522 now and still no suprise. Are I that bad?
Do you hate me?

I know I have 324 level 1 troops I never played with. Are you punishing me for hanging out with Kraken to much?

This is the worst leveling up ever!

Wasn’t an achievement good enough for you?

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You got an Imperial Jewel, plus a somewhat late birthday cake → :birthday:

Hehe. Never got that :slight_smile:
Google Play seems to log me out from Gems of War kinda often.
I got the achievement on Steam right now when I level up again. Guess I need to level up again on my mobile to get it there too.

Oh thanks! Finally someone thinking on me :slight_smile: