So, today it`s my birthday and

This is my “self gift” and of course a little support to the devs of this great game.
Finally VIP 5.
I`ve been on the opposite side/criticism in many times but IMHO the devs do a great job by keeping the game updated and instead of cry I try to change my way of playing the game when they do some modifications to the game.
So yeah :grin::+1:


Congratulations, got a pretty good mythic. Also happy birthday

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Happy birthday

Happy Birthday and congrats with a nice Mythic! :smiley:

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Yeah, I already had him but still :grin:

Ty!! :blush::yum:

Congratulations! I’m delighted to see you got a decent mythic you needed. I’d buy this but am worried I’d get a 4th war or 5th abynissia.


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Happy Birthday :smiley:

2x elemaugrim can drain attack like crazy

Happy Birthday! and congrats on the mythic!

Yeah I was worried too to get another War lmao.

Ty so much guys!! :blush::grin::+1:


Count your blessings. I have 5 War.


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That is why I don’t use keys outside exclusive mythic events.

Happy Birthday and congrats on your Dragon! :slight_smile:


One more to the list :grin::+1:

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Great to hear :slight_smile: