Recently joined the level 1000+ community and

Is there an unspoken rule not to mention the Bonus Level Reward you receive each time you gain a level beyond 1000?

I have never seen this mentioned anywhere, or referenced. It was needless to say a pleasant surprise… :wink:

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I’ve mentioned it in MM chat when I reached 1,000. Maybe most ppl just don’t pay attention :wink:

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I’ve seen it mentioned in passing on the board before.

I’ve seen it mentioned on forums, just can’t remember where. It even might have been through Sirrian’s video introducing the update that allowed 1000+ to happen in the first place.

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Yeah, the specific rewards were listed when they lifted the level cap. Man, that was a long time ago now.

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lol- ok I feel better that so many are familiar with it already. Thought I was letting a cat out of the bag that I wasn’t supposed to. :wink:

@MakoSipper I was probably just ignoring you that day! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Btw 1100 give +1 armor


Not a secret, it is mentioned in the 2.1 patch notes.


Shhh! Everyone be quiet! They’re out there, listening!


I remember I was actually surprised when I received the bonus gift when I hit levels 1001 and 1002! I first thought it was just a one-time attaboy token for hitting lvl 1000 :upside_down_face:

I know .i have mentioned it several times myself, here in the forums and in Global and guild chat. But it seems no one ever believes me . . .

First rule of 1000+ Club, you don’t talk about 1000+ Club!


@efh313 I also was surprised by it but also talked about it in MM chat quite a bit.

Oh man, you beat me to it!

(Not that I’m a member of this super exclusive club yet…)

The first rule of level 1k+ club is… project mayhem commence!

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