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I’d like to say thank you to the devs and I hope the rest of you do too!

So no one wants to even thank the devs now? Come on, someone out there has to be happy and satisfied.

I’m happy I don’t have to do Guild Wars every week and I like Gnomes.

I don’t dislike the new modes. But I hate what they represent.

I dislike gem sinks.


Whether or not the new systems are worth engaging in, the rest of the game is still there, and continues to at least be attempted to be improved upon. For that, at least, I’m thankful.


I’m bumping this thread as a thank you to the devs for fixing the dawnbringer arena problem. It will make it enjoyable again for a number of people and certainly a beneficial mode again for beginners.


Yep. Despite the haters I now have to reset my internal “time since a major player-facing issue was addressed in a reasonable manner” counter. It’s cleared a lot of salt out of my thoughts. I really, REALLY felt like the devs weren’t listening at all. I’m going to remember this the next time I feel that way.


I’m thankful for the Arena/Dawnbringer fix and also for the ninja fix they made to the Soulforge rotation. It happened 3 months ago, but we only found out about it yesterday. If I have the new system figured out, I’ll be able to predict the Soulforge lineup for two weeks from now on Monday, and I am certain that Infernus will appear in one of the next two weeks.

In both cases, they were just nice, rational fixes to existing problems and I appreciate both.

I think there was something else recently that I was really thankful for, but I can’t remember what it was. Maybe someone else will mention it here.


I’m thankful for the orbs because they do seem helpful, and the orb of clans is my favorite. This should really help out the lower guilds to make 40k more often now.

Keep up the great work team and please try you best to only make it better.

I’m sure there will be flaws and imperfections, but it is fixing them appropriately and in a timely fashion that matters.

Way to finally knock this one out.



That’s a good one: with the way the number of troops is expanding, it gets harder and harder to ascend troops by opening chests and get everything traited. After hoarding and managing resources for so long, it is great to be able to randomly pull a mythic (like I did yesterday) and trait it without having to farm for 42 Arcanes that I unexpectedly now need. 2 orbs of Wisdom and I’m done!


@Stan next time just pick what you need bro :slight_smile:



And I thought Pierre was a french homme name only… :thinking:

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Yeah, I’ll get there one day. I just finished traiting all my classes and troops (except Imps) a few weeks ago and am starting to build up some inventory, but the mythic I pulled just happens to need the same stones as the May mythic (which I’d already farmed for), so being able to use two Orbs as wildcards was perfect for me.


What mythic did you pull @Stan and how many left to go until you have them all? I’m missing 2. Zuul and xanthos.

I pulled Yasmine’s Chosen, leaving 8 to go, including Zuul and Xathenos. I also pulled my 4th Plague last week, which I think is part of my problem. I’ve got 3 Abynissia’s, 2 Skadi’s, 2 Vorphs and another one or two with dupiicates. If my random pulls were a little spread out, I’d be further ahead.


Great pull tho, a very powerful troop, and it’s boring having them all, I miss opening chests.

Too bad they didn’t have a better way of trading in mythic troops, its such a waste to disenchant.

Lol just keep them no need to disenchant

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But for players like @Stan who still need a few and have 4 copies of others, it would be nice to get diamonds or something a little more for such a rare card, having 4 or more of any mythic is useless.

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Yup i agree they could stop to drop when you got 4 copy of them (similar as guardian)


I think it would be cool if we could also convert our traitstones into shards, so we can craft some diamonds.

There has to be a way to clear out all these stock piles we are sitting on.

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…me? :smirk:

You’re welcome guys. It’s really great to hear that you are appreciative of these things, and I’m glad you are and that we are making you happy/content! We’ll continue to listen and look out for other things we can improve whilst we work on other exciting things for you. :blush:


Nope, that wasn’t it… :wink: