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I am giving up, you are dictators

I was very happy with guild wars, it brought a need to mount a variety of teams for every war. I am finding raid monotonous.

Why can’t you do all three events concurrently instead of forcing us to play like robots and not the way we choose. Actually, the freedom of playstyle is the main strength of GOW and you are destroying it.



I would agree that all 3 should b3 going at once…but then rewards would be too high…making them less money. I love this game but if u havent seen how high their greed has gotten u r not watching

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Really, your guild is giving up after less than a week of a new game mode? When GW started all these players who hated it and were going to quit the game. Now the same thing in several posts because of Raids.
Makes me glad I am in a decently ranked casual guild that doesn’t take anything too seriously yet manages to do quite well.
It’s a game people, lighten up. It’s supposed to be fun!


I am the guild leader for Chaotic Tide. Our guild has NOT given up. The above is the opinion of ONE person in our guild. There may be one or two others who do not like the changes but that I think is par for the course in all guilds. Tamisclaus does NOT speak for our guild.


I am ashamed for being rush and speaking in the name of the guild. I edited the post. It is just my opinion.

I don’t think you understand what a dictator is the Dev’s team doesn’t fit the bill here. The fact they changed the gnomes this week after outcry on the forums prove they are willing to work with their players. (Dictators aren’t known for their friendly lets work it out mindset :wink: )

Like others have said they are looking at Raids this is like the beta week they’ll be back in a better way when we see them again I’d bet :slightly_smiling_face:



Thank You Mariana and Calv1n, I was being rush and selfish. it’s just a game. Not meant as justification, but just for fun: We all swear and want to break our TVs when we watch our favorite teams playing favorite games, but deeply inside we love both the teams and the games and the inventors of the game. And the referee is always guilty, of course.


I don’t like the raids, the rewards are not worth the effort at all.

  • I think it’s boring and not exciting.

I like guild wars a lot, I hope they will make raids more worth it.
7 days killing the same boss over and over…
But I still enjoy Gems of War a lot I’m just doing some explores and gathering resources.
The vault event was a nice little extra though.


Give it a chance
There will no doubt be changes
Next week on to Invasions!
Yeah, new stuff, more fun!


I still believe that the devs are trying to please everyone playing.
There has been a lot of negativity on the forums lately and I don’t think they deserve this!
Change is good!


…lmao 10 char


Change is indeed very good. I have been here for over two years, and have never enjoyed the game more than I do nowadays. Its so much new stuff. :blue_heart:


@Lyya please kindly close this thread.

Thank You

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So, because someone disagreed with you, you want it closed? :+1:

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I got an suggestion from friendly person in PM to close it. Just following it. By me no problem to stay open disagreement is productive. Do whatever you find best.


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I believe tomis apologized and stated somewhere he wished he had not started the post so perhaps he would prefer it closed

Happy to close this thread if that is your wish @tomis.

We are introducing new game modes so that all players have modes they enjoy. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I regret starting this post I would like it closed.

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