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Please rethink recent decisions

I’m a player in one of the very top guilds. I am also what you would call a “whale” in that I’ve spent so much money in this game my wife would spontaneously combust if she found out (and rightly so).

This morning was the first time in months that I didn’t log-in to collect rewards and play for 20 mins before work. I don’t expect to be logging in again until Monday reset.

The only thing keeping me playing regularly was Guild Wars.

My guild sometimes wins Guild Wars, sometimes not
I don’t care if win 1,500 gems or 1,000 or 100 - its not about the rewards for me. It’s about the excitement, stress and competition with other guilds. Every day within our Discord there are tons of debates about which teams to use, which defences to set, new ideas, testing, suggestions, questions, more testing and so on. It wasn’t play-2-win or pay-2-win. If you won guild wars, then your entire guild deserved it and can feel proud of themselves that all the effort put in was worth it.

Raid has NONE of this
There is virtually zero guild discussion about it - no one really cares. It’s just a single player pay-2-win mode with a few (small) guild rewards tacked on. I’m fine with this, I personally don’t like it, but if others do then great, have fun.

I get why raid is there as a pay-2-win feature - you guys are running a business and that’s perfectly cool.

I’m not bitching about raid rewards or how boring it is - I know it has to remain p2w and you can’t rework it to make it a level playing field for all guilds - I’m asking why can Guild Wars not be run concurrently with it.


There is little reason why Guild Wars cannot be run simultaneously… except to limit resources and go to a P2W model


And to avoid player burnout as things get added that top guilds will require be done by all members weekly.


The new mode is really a single player leaderboard, essentially nothing to do with Guilds


Interesting that you felt that way. I love playing, every day, and have for over three years, but found Guild Wars a really irritating chore.

Our guild seems to be loving it and there’s plenty of discussion. Better discussion than ‘I lost a GW to RNG grief again’ anyway.

I don’t want to see that. As @Grundulum says there probably has to be a limit to adding things that become mandatory daily expected chores.


I will have to back up, Jainus. There is many that likes the new Raids mode, for a more relaxing change. For us this mode is a breathe of fresh air. A lot of interesting discussions about team building has been going on in my guild the latest days, and the discussion will continue and be interesting as the weeks goes by. We look at this mode as a team work and a challenge, so we can reach one of the best Portals for the better rewards. Most of us does not care about the Global Rank Leaderboard in raids, it is all about the team work for us. I think the rewards could be a little better, and hope we will see some adjustments in the future.

When everything is said, no matter what the Devs do, its impossible to feed all the sparrows in the nest.


This is my feelings too, raid feels completely unfulfilling and doesn’t have the same guild involvement as GW (if any in my opinion). Once you’ve picked your team that is it, rinse and repeat over and over. No tactics required at all, no guild discussion needed. All I did last night was play PVP, and without my daily dose of GW that soon gets pretty boring. Maybe they could have a guild leaderboard instead or aswell as single player, but this would then put unfair pressure on all guild members to keep up with the big spenders. Unfortunately I can see quite a few long standing players leaving the game over this.


Invasion is looking like it might be more interesting than Raid (which I find really dull as it stands - maybe if they mixed up the opposing troops a bit?)

1 week GW, 1 week Invasion, 1 week off will probably suit me.


Personally, I’m glad they’re not run concurrently. GW + Raids/Invasions + New weekly events requiring 750 event stones would require way too much time investment and I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

Maybe, but…

This. (I’m also in a top guild.)

Ours too. Not as much discussion as building GW teams, sure, but it has still been chatty.


IMO you led with the statements that should make the devs feel the best about the changes they’ve made. Please get help for your compulsions instead of just fleeing to another game, you’ll thank me 10 years from now.

That’s a very patronising statement mate - Who are you to tell someone they need help?

I log in everyday too and have spent a fair amount of money as have many others here I presume. Do they all have “compulsions that require help” ?

There are far worse things to spend time and money on in this world.


The hubris of youth and the power of armchair psychiatry is one hell of a drug. Obviously, everyone who’s just a little glib about their indulgences on the internet self-deprecatingly in the first post of a thread must be behaving compulsively. Didn’t you get the memo?


I really enjoy the Raid mode (I like the challenge) but I fully agree that it should focus on the guild as a whole vs. a single player. I am not in a top guild, so I could care less about the leader boards, but for those of you who do duke it out every week, I really like people’s suggestion of adding rare Valravens in Explore or PVP etc. similar to the new gnomes. I think that gives people who don’t want to pay to play a way to level out with people who don’t want to spend time trying to collect more seals.

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Gotta love how people claim player burn out is going to happen because of a few extra matches being played, When those in TOP guilds are already playing for a lot longer then just the minimum amount of matches to say they logged in.

But still some of those TOP players can only indulge themselves by playing at weekends because life takes precedence, and only their final score matters, not the daily ones. That’s when burnout would take place, if they have lots of battles piled up.

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Thing is though it’s not just a few extra matches. In GW you had your 5 matches per day, then you could crack back on with PVP to earn your gold contributions for the guild, trophies/glory etc. In raid you are looking at a bare minimum of at least 10 games per day, or even considerably more, to be scoring anywhere near enough points to unlock all portals (and even more if you desperately want to place on the leaderboards). You then still need to put your grind into PVP to earn your contributions.

When GW was in effect I would generally aim for around 100 trophies per day (on top of GW matches), but with Raid starting this week it is now Wednesday and I have only earned around 80 trophies with the same amount of time invested. I now need to play massive catch up on PVP to earn enough gold for my normal guild contribution. I believe my guild are currently on portal 9, so hopefully if we can get 10 completed before Friday I can forget about Raid and concentrate on PVP for the weekend.

Guild Wars is a trivial 30 FAST matches in a week - I can’t see a single “top guild” member being fazed by that. My guild has no plans (at present) to make raid participation mandatory so I don’t think burnout is an issue personally.


I am new to the forum but I had to join to voice my guilds unpleasure with Raid Boss. Unless I’m missing something, Raid Boss is mind numbing just battling the same boss. Please bring back Guild Wars full time again. Our guild loves battling other teams and trying to compete for top spot in Guild Wars.


@Itsanofromme I’m Sorry you feel that way. I’m not going to discuss the MAJOR lack of Guild rewards, but the game play itself. (EDIT: ok I failed that promise)

This team building limitation is fun. An ever increasing Boss that is a real threat is interesting idea. On console we have been building incredibly limited teams for 2+ years, Raids are actually far more lenient by comparison. I enjoy the new mode as GW is a bit repetitive for each Color.

GW Info for those that think I don’t get the 'GW Competition’
I’m in a top tier Bracket 1 Guild. In the last month I’ve only lost 1 battle solely due to MY lack of looking at the opponent. Skull spam into an Entangle fight, realized it too late;) 55.?k, 56k, 55.9k, 54.5 (the low score was due to not paying attention, see above).

I agree with Sirrian 's comments on video that Its time to have some new challenges.

PS: You said Raids are a single player mode: That’s only because they don’t have any real Guild rewards, they put them all on the SP leaderboard. This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the term ‘Raid’, but when your a Publisher I guess:

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. -George Orwell
Raid is Single Player. “Gem value” is no Gems. RNG is reliable -505 Games


I agree - I thoroughly enjoyed my first couple of hours raiding. Trouble is that when the battles got harder, instead of turning challenging, it turned boring. I’m in the top 100 with about 20 sigils still to play that I’m not particularly bothered about using. This shouldn’t really be happening with a brand new game mode. Perhaps it will improve with different kingdoms - I hope so.

I would prefer to see a GW revamp (troop limitations instead of colours might be cool) rather than just kicking it to the kerb 2 weeks out of 3.

Raid is single player pay-to-win. I wish they’d stop pretending it is anything other than that.