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I Abhorath Downtime

So to start this off I must say the following:
I was young and stupid,
I needed the money,
It was an accident, and,
The voices made me do it…

Sooooo this is what happens when you have much too much free time on your hands

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Well played.

Wiill you try to get him to Mythic this week? Hes in the event chest. :slight_smile:

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Cost to mythic is 12300 so depending on method it is highly likely to mythic.

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I’ve depleted my gems, I got a 50 pack of event keys and ended up with 38 priests and another 200 gems on VIP chests to get this one, I wish I could but I gotta save gems for the next event in case I don’t have the legendary

Yeah, at least you tried, wonder what next weeks event chest Legend gonna be.

You spent gems?! Holy cow i did not calculate for such a thing.

For anyone wondering about it the team is:

Blue/Blue banner


That’s not too bad, thats one Abhorath out of 4 Vip chests. I once spent over 1000 gems and didn’t get that weeks legend :disappointed_relieved:

Oh well that is not what i expected had happened.

Nice, have you tried to use Abhorath in the top? His attack grows fast and in the end you might single knock out enemies with skull matches.

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I would only spend cash for a legendary I really wanted, I wasn’t particularly worried about Abhorath so I was willing to spend my guild gems for it, plus I’m in the process of moving to my first apartment soon so other then refreshing my daily gems pack, I’ve been tightening my GoW spending until I get settled and have a realistic view of what my expenses are and what I can afford, with 9 troops in the kingdom, I don’t need him mythic for power level 5

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Yea in PVP I would use him at the top as a sponge, he’s only at the bottom now cause I used him in Fortress siege challenge to see how high I can get him and didn’t want a cascade to kill everyone befor building him up

I thought this was a sac priest team untill you showed your team comp.

Ahhhhh lol, just an akward experiment

And if it was from a priest then his health wouldn’t be so high as he would be untraited

This is true and i did not notice that.

Ah, you got one Abhorath out of 4 VIP chests, I must have misread it, I thought you didnt get any, thats not bad at all. One out of 4 VIP chest is really good.:slight_smile:

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Yea lol, what I meant by the post title was I had some downtime and was bored so did the picture to pass time lol