Any good Incubus teams?

In light of the new event that gives bonus glory for using Incubus, anyone created any good teams with him yet?

i was thinking

New Legendary Troop
Abysinna or w/e her name is

the idea would be to kill off incubus then keep summoning infernal kings to sacrifice while giving the new legendary troop lots of magic for more damage dont know if its actually good since im not going to try this out until i at least get stoneskin of the new legendary this would also give you points for the event too

I have 2 teams that were doing reasonably well but since the servers are now down, there’s not much testing that can be done.

Everyone keeps mentioning Abysinna in their team this week…how the hell do that many people have that Mythic? Obviously most of us can’t use her in a team since a lot of us don’t have her.

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is it possible to get her in event chests this week? if so maybe thats how so many people got her

Yes, it is possible to get Abyssinia in event chests this week.

600 event chests, no Aby for me. #SadFace

Damn, how’d you get so many event keys lol

I’ve been hording gems for a while. Blew about 5000 today in hopes of either getting new legend to mythic or picking up Aby. I only got 2 of the monolith and no Aby, but like 11 Infernal Kings (which I already had 4x Mythic)