Ouch! 29K seals to get this mythic


I just spent 27K seals and still haven’t gotten the mythic. Has anyone gotten the mythic from guild chests?


That’s not an unusual amount to spend and not get him. Equals 1350 gem keys.

I can confirm for Xbox though.


Got confirmation. Took 29K seals. Ouch! Worst ever. Anyone spend more than that?


3000 glory keys, 600 gem keys, 14000 guild seals to get the cat…ouch indeed…


@PGSundling I hope at that cost he is worth it for you


23k seals is the most I have ever spent on a mythic but at least we have the seals there to use.


Don’t really care about the mythic just collecting them all. When my hoard runs out chasing a mythic I promised myself I could quit the game, but I’ve still got so many seals left. So probably not going to happen this year.


Yes. 250 chests (5k seals)


You were clearly soaking up bad luck from other people. We appreciate your sacrifice!


Think i soaked up a lot of it then lol. 150 VIP, 20k seals, 1700 gem keys, 3000 glory keys and still no mythic :confused:


i spend 100 VIP, 8K seals, 200 gem keys and 2500 glory keys but your bad luck is ridiculous :frowning:


Yeah, the RNG has been in my favor the past few months though. It’s only right that i get to see what it’s like to be on the other side of the spectrum


You should be happy if you only used seals to get him. Plenty person used all their keys and gems to not even get him

Personally he cost me 18k seals and im glad i didin’t touch my gems and ready to bank again for next mythic or kingdom


It’s about time my luck ran out tbh.
Used 8,500 seals
400 gem keys
1,751 glory keys
18,000 glory wings
5 VIP chests (gems running low)
Nothing :smiley:
Ah well there’s always reset on Monday to start again


I miss using VIP keys. I haven’t used them like all year and spend my gems on raid/invasion/GW and blew 22k gems on pets. I only have a few hundred gems right now.

I regret the 18k gems and thousands of glory keys I spent chasing an imp back before they added all these gem sink modes.



Ouch. Haven’t spent a single gem on these. They have very little impact and you will have them all anyway.


I play on iPad. Probably the cheapest mythic I ever pulled. 50 guild keys and there he was. I’m sorry yours was so expensive.



Wow dude, that is the crappiest luck I’ve ever seen anyone post that a mythic cost. 450% of the average! Surely all your bad luck is gone now for the rest of the year at least.


ouch. sorry man. Maybe Monday?