Huge Hydra damage not scaling if never reduced below starting life

Update: Seems like this doesn’t happen every time, so ignore it for now, until I can see if it was just a couple times this morning, and see if there is a specific pattern.

This may be working how “Huge” is suppose to work, but it is different than how Sunweaver interacted with Hydra.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I was expecting the Hydra to do 17+ 2xdamage taken damage.

When growing the Hydra with Huge, the Hydra still did only 17 damage even if damaged.

I raised my Hydra to 59 life via huge. It was attacked with the Hobgoblin ranged attack multiple times reducing it’s life to 43. Then using Hydra, I expected a minimum of 17+2x(59-43) damage. Only 17 damage was done.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Raise Hydra’s health through huge before allowing it to take damage. Allow Hydra to take some damage, note that Thousand Bites does not scale from the new missing life total.

I always used Sunweaver before the unlocking the HUGE trait. Sunweaver would allow the damage to scale.

I would guess that this is probably due to simple coding mistake. When its ability is fired it should compare current life with current total maximum life to see if its damaged, but I would guess that it mistakingly compares current life with original maximum health… But thats just my guess.

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I guess that too, but, apparently, @Esoxnepa tried to boost Hydra with Sunweaver and, from what I understand, in that case, it properly calculates the damages taken.

By the way, he added a little update since when I first read his post :

So I guess that’s definitely a bug and he is invertigating what may cause this :slight_smile:

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It is actually a coding mistake, but not quite that one.
I’ve just checked the code, and it looks like the HUGE trait adds to LIFE, but only adds to MAXIMUM LIFE if it goes over the previous max total. So in other words, it’s like a HEAL, unless you’re at full health, in which case it is acting correctly.

We’ll get this fixed pronto, tested, and rolled into 109.


I guess that means 109 is around the corner, nice :slight_smile:

Well I don’t think I would say that…more like, this is making it in to that patch. I believe it is still a ways out.

I don’t see where he said 1.0.9 is coming soon. I sure hope it will, but it is likely a good month+ away. As long as it doesn’t become like 1.0.6…

Shhhhhh, I’m just trying to get him to talk here :frowning:
You guys are spoiling everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Eww; heal on Hydra. My gamble to upgrade Anointed One first has paid off.

So it’s supposed to add to life AND maximum life each time, regardless of the troop’s current health when it is activated?
Hope so, or it’s thwartin ma plans xD

Yes indeed, that’s what it will be doing when 109 releases