Hail Huge Hydra!

Has anyone built and tested a huge hydra yet? I’m curious if it is with the stones…

I haven’t tested it yet due to the lack of reds, but I would assume it is quite OP. I have some big builds that bulk up really quick. Imagining something 2x that speed would be very resilient, especially something like the eventual Gloom Leaf with 50% skull reduction of Abhorath with full heal. Hydra in combination with something like Sunweaver would have Hydra doing 50+ damage in no time.

Whenever I get the reds to finish Hydra (annoying that common traitstones are the rarest sometimes xD), I will be testing Hydra - Valk - Soothsayer - Sunweaver - with +2 yellow.

raises hand well I did go on a Glory spending spree to get the Arcane Blood stones to fully trait out Hydra and, while its early, I’m not regretting the expenditure whatsoever! The Huge trait is a perfect match for the Hydra’s bite spell and as @Tacet mentioned, support troops like Sunweaver complement it quite well. Hydra can be a challenge to use since you want it to get hit a couple of times to be able to drop a 90 to 100+ dmg grenade in the midst of the enemy formation. I would classify it as a high risk/high reward troop and I’m really enjoying games where you feel like you’re threading that needle or walking that tightrope to drop that nuke.

I’ve been playing around with several different builds. My most fluid one is a Hydra - Sunweaver - Keeper of Souls trio with a green flex spot I haven’t nailed down quite yet. You can use Orion with Siege, Gloom Leaf as a backup tank in case Hydra falls early, Green Slime to activate KoS quickly or Swamplash to entangle the front line troop to buy Hydra some time. The most effective one seems to be:

Hydra - huge
Gloom Leaf
Keeper of Souls - necromancy

I’m really looking forward to unlocking Huge on Gloomy and being able to fully trait out Sunweaver whenever I get the opportunity to do so. Another build that I’m playing around with is a revival of an old Entanglement team that saw some use a while ago. It uses dual Swamplash and a Green Seer. Idea is to keep the front line entangled and is an effort of a control type team:

Hydra - huge
X2 Swamplash - monster bond
Green Seer - fey bond, bless

Last but not least I took the Abhorath soul farm team that I’ve been driving into the ground and simply subbed out Abho for Hydra. It works surprisingly well! It’s a bit more difficult because you don’t have the Abho board reset to bail you out if you get in a tight spot and there’s no Sunweaver to heal Hydra. However you have three transmuting troops to give numerous opportunities for Huge to activate and KoS fills up pretty quick since it has no other troops that it competes with for mana. Been having so much fun with this setup and you get to earn souls at the same time:

Hydra - all traits
Green Slime - nature link
Valkyrie - all traits
Keeper of Souls - necromancy

So in summary this is a heavyweight troop that is worth spending the 3000 so glory on.

I just finished him, and have only gotten one test match in.

+2 Red banner

Basically, just try to use Valkyrie and Jarl to supersize the Hydra. Never use the Hydra ability until it’s a team kill. So far, fun, but probably way to slow for current endgame.

Hydra always has to be the lead troop.

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