Hail Hydra 🔱


Killing three enemies at once for a total of 46 damage, and for the win. :trident:

My defense team for the past couple weeks has been:

Green Seer

3x Monster bonus, 2x Mist of Scales bonus, and +2 Yellow banner.

Since the new kingdom bonuses favor attack, I decided to update the old entangle team. Originally, I was using Fire & Ice, but traded it out to get a third monster for the bonus. The only two red/blue monsters available were Crimson Bat, and Hydra. It was easy choice to make, as Hydra fits the team so well.

Having three sources of entangle greatly increases the life expectancy of Hydra being in the first slot. Without entangle, I would be lucky to get more than one cast out of Hydra at mid life before he gets sniped by a skull. Now, I can get at least one cast at low life. I have also had full barrages from Sheggra and Skull Dragon do around 3 damage.

The damage this team is capable of is pretty ridiculous. If Green Seer manages to fill both Swamplashes, they can do a combined 44 damage to the random troop that gets entangled. With 2x +2 life bonuses, and up to +9 life from kingdoms, Hydra can have 30 life. If he is taken down to 1 life from 30, he can do 74 damage on his own. Even without the kingdom bonuses, he can do 56 damage at 1 life.


Everyone look, a team doing well, NERF NERF NERF!


I wish i have the hydra :sweat:


Hydra/Sunweaver is a fun combination too. I’ve had matches where my Hydra has done a lot of damage.

I was using:

Skeleros was there to try and control the skull damage that Hydra would get hit with, but can be swapped for something with more synergy. Once Hydra was charged up, I’d hold it, and let blue pass through, and try to manage the damage with Sunweaver to max out my Hydra Nuke. Sunweaver not having a “heal” really helps the hydra survive and keep the damage potential.


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