How is Hydra missing life spell coded?

So Hydra’s Thousand Head spell (deal dmg based on missing life x2 boost): Is it based on remaining life vs what the max health obtained OR is it based on the total of life gained and lost regardless of the current or max total total?

For example: say I have a Hydra that starts out with 50 life then gains 20 more (70 total). He’s damaged down to 20 life, thus his spell would deal 100 extra dmg (50 missing life x2). Now say he GAINS (not heal) 20 more life. Is his spell now reduced to 60 dmg (based on the now 30 health vs 60 max) or is it still 100 dmg (based on the 50 life lost over the course of the battle)? Now let’s say that 20 gained life is lost via damage: is the spell now 140 dmg (based on now 70 life taken away total)?

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Really good question. Where is @Tacet ?

If I’m not wrong, gained life counts as heal if the troop is damaged. Troops maxium health pool only increases when the troop gains life when that troop is already at its full hp. So if you start with 50 lose 30, and afterwards gain 20, you spell will deal 20 more damage (because of 10 missing).

That may be how the effect works now (can’t test for myself at the moment), @DonBoba, but that isn’t how it is intended. Life gain, such as Big/Huge, should increase the maximum as well the current life.

I know its not supposed to work that way, you are completely right, but currently it is working in that manner.

It is always (maximum health-current health)x2

Maximum health includes any maximum health Hydra gained in the battle, Huge as well as troops spells like Dryads.

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Well, if that is the case then maybe we need to change the thread from Gameplay to Support. I am sure I saw a dev mention the intent sometime in the distant past, and this wouldn’t be the first time intent and execution didn’t match.

Topic changed

No need really the spell does exactly what it is supposed to do, and as it is worded.

But does a troop gain HP when that troop is not on its maxium HP? I know that wasn’t the case in the past, don’t know is that still a thing?

Yes, maximum health in this regard is the actual maximum health of the troop(the highest amount on which it could currently be healed up to), with all the increases huge or spells gave it in the battle.

its work based on missed life. so, if hydra lost 50 hp on battle, so they dmg like (base dmg + 50x2). and doesnt matter how many hp hydra has now.

No that is not how it works, it is always the difference between its current maximum health(highest amount it could be healed up to at that moment) and its current actual health x 2 plus the base damage.


Yup, my experience too. I’ve been testing it because of the fantasy draft and it does damage based on theoretical maximum life vs current life (but does Base damage + half that, not 2x missing life - on android. I remember it used to be double but they changed it).

@Gouki, you keep saying maximum health in different ways without ever saying how maximum health can change over the match. (edit: I just reread your posts and noticed that you did say that Huge increases the max. Excuse me.) Abhorrath is a nice test of this: when it gains life through Huge, both its current and maximum life increase by 2. (If you cast Abhorrath’s spell, let it lose life, match some 4- or 5-gem sets, then cast the spell again, Abhorrath’s life will be higher than when you started.)

Hydra ought to work the same way. Huge should not affect the amount of damage dealt by Hydra’s spell, unless the troop itself is bugged.


WTB an indicator of current max life somewhere in the troop card spread (when you click a troop and are viewing spell and trait info).


often wonder about this. my map farming team is a gob shaman, dryad, 2xtyri. so it would be really nice to know how many times i have to cast dryad to get the gobbie back to its total (max + the new 5)