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1 life remains bug

During past 2 weeks happened to me multiple of times that a troop that is being hit with a skull match instead of dying remains alive with 1 life always.

For example: my troop on first place got 21 attack, the opposite troop on first place has 15 life left, I do a match of 3 skulls and the opposite troop remains with 1 life and damage message says I did a damage of 14.
The troop got no traitstones which could lower the dmg. It happens to any kind of troop. The troop with 1 life left: gains mana, attacks normally etc. It happens only with skull damage. Its not a glitch after a cascade of skulls, most of the time it happens with a single 3 skull match.
Its exrtremely difficult to make a screen of this scene. I would have to make a screen at every move in every fight, so I wanted to ask, if this happened to anybody else?

Also happened to me couple of times that I got defeated while my last troop was still alive, with full life and shield, has this happened to anyone else? :slight_smile:

Hey mate, are you using Moloch in your team with his third Supression trait unlocked?

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Happens all the time with Moloch’s third trait.

Uh-huh, bugs (pun not intended) the hell out of me.
Few games back, opposing Celestasia survived four (yes four lol) 4-5 skull matches against it in a row :stuck_out_tongue:
It was finally a four mana match that killed him :smile:

@LostInLust, you’ll notice in the photo below two things occurring - Moloch’s Suppression trait removing one health point from opposing units at the same time that a four skull match (88 attk) is connected.

The resulting ‘-78’ hit is the health of the unit prior to his attack, but because Moloch is removing one hp at the same time, it bugs out and the troop is left standing with one hp.

Dev’s are aware of this, hopefully having a fix for it soon. But as this can occur multiple times in a match, it can be very frustrating.

I have noticed that for awhile now, many times. It seems to bug more times than not when matching 4+ skull damage.

Agreed @Macawi I’m not 100% sure that I’ve kept my eye on five or more skull matches causing the same issue. Will have to be focusing more on this now that you mention it.

Edit: Confirmed bug occurring on five and more skull matches

I know it will sound ugly but… thank god it happens to you to guys :))
The few first times I wasnt sure if I’m not halucinating.

Haha, took me a while to narrow down which troop I was using in my team to cause this. It also took that snap-shot to realise it was only when he was taking away a health point to trigger the bug. Hoping for a quick fix as my team has suffered two losses from bad luck following the troop staying alive.

Seems like this bug hasn’t been fixed yet, so I’ll chime in…
Just happened to me in a battle on iOS. It also happened a few days ago, but I can’t remember if it was on iOS or Steam.

As others have reported, I made a 4+ skull match that should kill the enemy troop, but it triggered my Moloch’s Suppression which tried to remove 1 life at the same time. This somehow results in the enemy surviving with 1 life left.

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Same thing happening to me, meant to start a thread just now, then I saw this.
Jarl, Alchemist, Moloch, Moloch. A four skull match that should kill leaves a troop with 1 life. It is not a game breaking problem, since I’m still left with a free turn to kill the troop, but it gets annoying.

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just wanted to post that i am also having the same problem since i use plague almost every game an enemy is left with 1 hp because of plagues 3rd trait there is also times when plagues 3rd trait wont kill an enemy