Dark Priestess bug

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
She was last troop on enemy team, with something like 7 life remaining. She had her spell charged, so I intentionally let the game drag until she cast her spell about 3 turns later. She killed herself, as expected, BUT, after she was dead and she created skulls, a three match was made, which damaged my front unit for 19 points, despite all enemy units being dead at this point.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
I’d assume have the last enemy unit be Dark Priestess and get her life into a range where she will kill herself from using her spell on herself. Then hope skulls match after she kills herself.

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Returned from the dead to get the final hit in. Working as intended? :grin:


I got it to happen a second time, it is easy to reproduce, was more careful to get screenshots:

The game will resolve all affects from a spells (including skull matches) before it will call the victory screen. I’m not entirely sure where the attack amount is from (most likely the dead first troop), but it will match the skulls and deal dmg before going to the victory screen.

Despite all enemy troops being dead BEFORE the skulls match? I suppose the next question is: what if I’m on my last troop and this scenario happens and my troop dies by that damage? If it’s still victory, that’s fine with me. If it’s lose or draw, I’d not like that so much.


The skulls matching is no different than if a player had cast a spell that creates gems that the gems (or skulls) trigger before the game finishes as well.

I would have to do some testing internally to see if it would count as Victory or Defeat if your troop died due to Dark Priestess’ skulls.

It’s not only that. In GW it’s very important if a troop dies even if it’s not the last one.

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All that does is shift the bug from “the Dark Priestess attacked even when she should’ve already been dead” to “an already-dead troop can still attack from beyond the grave if a Dark Priestess is the last troop and kills herself”. Resolving the effects from the spell should still result in Nothing attacking for Nothing. ;p

While this is a bug that apparently needs fixing, this would be a nice feature for her spell whenever the Dark Priestess kills her target with the life drain.

I didn’t get a screen grab, but this bug did lose a PVP match for me. Dark Priestess cast it on herself as the last troop with only 5 life left. The kill animation on her activated, then Skulls were created and killed my Aurora (17 life left), my last troop. This resulted in a Defeat.

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I was afraid of that…

Wait for the week to pass. She’ll no longer have increased event stats… and will therefor never be seen again.


This is probably true.