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Hydras 3rd trait

Hydras third trait seems to be bugged,its supposed to deal damage to all enemies when skull damage is done to it but it removes armor.

Actually the way the trait is read, it sounds like Hydra’s supposed to be the one doing the skull damage to activate the trait.

Does huge still heal instead of increase max life, or was that fixed?

Nope. I’ve taken damage from hitting the Hydra myself. The text is, of course, not obvious in any way…

Wouldn’t that have to read ‘true’ damage to do that? I would assume the damage happens to armour first, then health when armour is depleted.

Odd, it should read like Bone Dragon’s 3rd trait in which case.

All enemies take 3 damage when dealing Skull damage.
Bone Dragon:
Inflict Frozen when enemies deal Skull damage.

All enemies take 3 damage when enemies deal Skull damage.
Alternative; (If avoiding semi-repetitive wording)
All enemies take 3 damage when they deal Skull damage.

If Hydra’s intended to do True damage, then I can see why it’s trait is worded wrong, because if it was worded correctly it’d look like this:
All enemies take 3 True damage when enemies deal Skull damage.
Bet that’d barely fit in it’s given space…

My reading of the text led me to believe that the damage would be normal but would happen on a hydra skull hitting opponent as other heads strike nearby troops. Instead going by the text I believe it is broken as the damage is done when you skull strike it and there is no indication it is true damage.

The subject in Bone Dragon’s trait description is BD himself, so it should read:
[Bone Dragon] Inflict[s] Frozen when enemies deal skull damage.
While the subject in Hydra’s trait description is already the enemy, so it should read:
All enemies take 3 damage when [they are] dealing skull damage.

As such, I believe the wording is correct, even if a little confusing. If the trait was supposed to activate when Hydra deals skull damage, it should have read like this:
[Hydra] Deal[s] 3 damage to all enemies when [he is] doing skull damage.
Notice the ‘doing’ instead of ‘dealing’, this is consistent with all other similar traits, such as Sheggra’s Aflame.