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What is the intent of "Many Heads"?

Hydra’s third trait reads “All enemies take 3 damage when dealing skull damage”. In practice, whenever Hydra takes skull damage, this effect triggers.

Does it make more sense for the effect to occur whenever Hydra deals skull damage, though? Only one troop executes the attack when skulls are matched, so why would everyone hanging back take damage?

Am I overthinking this?

(Unfortunately, I can’t test this easily to confirm what I think was happening in a PVP match. The seventh Wild Plains challenge only gives Hydra two traits.)

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I do think it would make more sense for Hydra to be the one triggering its effect by matching skulls.

Besides, that’s how I first read the trait description as it never spells out who has to make the skull match for it to trigger…

But I did see in actual battle that it’s not the way it works !

i think the problem with what you’re suggesting is balance.
With a skull spamming team, it’s possible to have multiple Skull matches. If each of them convert to 3 damage to all enemies, then Hydra would instantly become a certifiable god of mass destruction. That would be too much of an advantage even for a 3rd Trait.

the way I see it… a hydra has many heads (and long necks) so when hes attacked no only can he counter the attackers but his whole crew since hes got a lot of heads…

It is meant to trigger when 'the enemy attacks’
As in, “All enemies take 3 damage when any enemy deals skull damage”.

The concept is that when you attack a hydra, you’re typically getting in close to either attack the body or one neck/head.
However, to do that, you have to be in range of all the other heads, who get to take free shots at you.

Hence, you all take 3 damage when you attack a hydra. Sure, in concept you’d only get to hit the one person attacking, but in a perfect world you don’t all hang back while one person does all the hitting. The game is just trying to make the best result of a confusing situation.

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exactly its not a turn based rpg… we’d assume our guys are out there sizing each other up… as to why only the top guy attacks… umm dunno its a video game…

I don’t have the Hydra 3-traited.
But do you have to put the hydra in the top position in order for it to work?
From the text alone, it read like the Hydra can activate its 3rd trait anywhere in the team lineup?
Or is this a typo in the text description? @Sirrian?

Like any trait involving taking skull damage, only when the troop with the trait has been hit will it activate.

It’s not a typo, so much as limited space to explain the effect.

I actually compared against the wording of Sheggra’s traits, since she has both Aflame (triggers when she deals damage) and Molten (triggers when she takes damage). The wording of Many Heads is different from both of those, which is why I wasn’t sure.

I actually believe this is a bug with Hydra, probably caused during design by the mis-wording of the effect. I haven’t checked our notes, but I believe it was originally intended to trigger when the Hydra DEALT damage… but because the effect was misworded, it wasn’t picked up during implementation or QA.


Yikes. That would be a huge change to the troop. I might actually use it then!


Glad I asked, then!


So I wasn’t the only one thinking the spelling was confusing, uh? :slight_smile:

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