How to unlock Runic Blade

We can find a new weapon in the Advanced Pack 2: Runic Blade.
Is it available elsewhere? Did someone unlock it with his masteries?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
It WILL be available through Masteries, we just hadn’t updated the data tables yet.
Expect to see it happen in the next day or two

To follow up on this question - are weapons from packs exlcusive to those packs? Ive spent about 50 bucks on this game so far when purchasing the starter and heroic bundles, but spending another 50 just to get one legendary weapons seems a bit too much.

So to rephrase the question - are all of the in game items (troop cards, weapon cards) obtainable without spending money? For instance from chests, weekly events, for gems, unlocked by masteries etc.

Yes, everything in this game is obtainable through time and effort.
That’s one of the commendable aspects in this game. All the weapons will eventually become available once your Mastery reaches the appropriate levels.

As for gems and keys, the best, free way to obtain them in game is to join an active guild. In some of the top guilds, you can easily get over 30 gems and keys on a weekly basis.

Yes they are.

Please remember to include the lev 1000 peeps when you do it :slight_smile:

I don’t see the advanced pack anywhere. What’s more, I don’t see a Runic Blade in my hero’s arsenal, not even when I click ‘show all’.

You have to get past the Starter Packs and Intermediate Packs before the the Advance Packs are offered. Runic Blade will be appearing shortly (Just push the fix to the server). It’s mastery requirements hadn’t been set correctly which is why it was not unlocking properly for players.

The good news is - for folks who didn’t like the Kingdom Pack popups in 1.0.7 - once the Advanced Pack has expired, we are currently not showing any more offers, except potentially in the daily News popups.

But regarding the Runic Blade… I’m currently just preparing that hotfix to push out to the servers. Expect to see it later today (and I will assign it to level 1000 players too).

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