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Discussion about weapons that is only available for money

I just would like to know why these weapons is costing money now, when they was free(glory) once upon a time? Wouldnt it be fair if they still randomly appeared with a chance to get them for glory? However I do think that is too late now, mostly because people already have buyed those weapons, and would find it quite unfair if they went available for glory again. But I am hoping for something…

What about a pack at a reduced price were one can get all of the weapons that is not obtainable through the storyline/leveling up? Or a section in the store that is called ‘Weapons’ were there will be a weapon available every week. I just dont see why these should be rarly available for players, when they now are costing money, and players once upon a time got these weapons for free. I feel that we need to make these weapons more available somehow.

What are your thoughts?


There are also players like me that can’t afford to spend money. .

What I like the most about this game is being able to get everything I want through playing enough, hope that won’t change for weapons.
I dont have stuff of madness, and I want to get one (and some other stuff just for collection. .), but I can’t spend money to buy one, I was hoping for glory options when they are talking of rotating them back into shop, but was very sad to see them only go for money. .

That 180 glory chest is useless, and it would be much better if it got exchanged for an old weapon pack every week (a 1 time purchase, nothing else needs to be included).


I agree completely, those like myself came to the game late and missed a lot of opportunities.

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i was wondering that myself. Weapons were for glory, and new troops have taken there place. 15 bucks for a new troop would send the P2W debaters to the win category instantly. I’m really disappointed in the weapons being for real money. I hate arena, because I don’t have enough double colored weapons and now I just simply avoid it. I would love to know the reasoning behind weapons for money instead of glory.

What if the weapons was also available to obtain through using glory and gem chests? This is the only solution I am seeing atm.

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I totally agree with this. The 180 glory pack is pretty useless. It would be great if they replaced it with a single weapon pack. If that were the case, I’m sure they would need to make it more than 180 glory. But, I could live with that.


You mean having them simply in the shop instead of waiting for an event that never comes?

That, or make them obtainable like the legendaries when one are using keys for opening up glory and gem chests. Can only obtain them once tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

I received my first Keeper of Souls at lvl 850.

My OPINION -> If I have to rely on RNG for getting weapons, I GIVE UP.

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Fair enough!


Well, still its better than if the weapons was not being obtainable in chests at all, like now? :slight_smile:

Oh, don’t get me wrong. Something is always better than nothing. I would love for the weapons to rotate weekly in the shop for glory; but for some reason, someone had to the grand idea to make them for real money. I just don’t get it.

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Which of the weapons are cash only?
I thought the dual color legendary weapons were earned by leveling (when you reach 50 in each of the respective masteries, I think). That’s how I got them, and I haven’t seen any for sale that I don’t own.

Eternal Flame and Staff of Madness have been for real money.

Didn’t know that. They should definitely make those available through basic gameplay if that’s the case.


I do agree with you, but the combination is very good, and fair.

  1. The weapons rotates in the shop for cash.
  2. The weapons is obtainable in glory and gem chests, legendary rarity.

The weapons will never go back to glory, Koolbiird, tons of people has just purchased those for real money recently, so that is not an option.

Also people that already have obtained the weapons, will not get them when they are opening chest, since the limit is just one. Maybe a future thing that weapon will be ascendable, tho. But for now I think this as well as having them rotating in the shop for cash looks like the best solution…

Input anyone?

That’s a bold statement without any evidence. Fair, is keeping them for glory like they were.


It’s not fair towards those that already spent 15 dollars recently on each weapon pack, mate

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It’s not fair for those who have to spend $15 when they were originally for glory in the first place.