Runic Blade in Arena

Okay, so the buff to the Runic Blade was awhile ago. But, now I can finally say that it is starting to get incredibly annoying to see it all the time in arena. 95% of players use this weapon from my experiences, regardless as to what other colors their troops are.

Additionally, it can be impossible to win against if the opponent (or lose for that matter - if you are the one using it) gets a lucky shot off to kill an enemy, which then results in having enough damage to 1-shot nearly every troop afterwards. And it only gets worse from there…

I find this weapon to be a bit (or a lot) over tuned for arena. Does anyone else agree with this, or am I just a crazy person here?

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Yep agree, it is a tad OP in arena. As you said a couple of skulls and you’re hero is dead and theirs is at double stats. :crazy_face:

I’ve recently found the Hammer of Urska is pretty nice in Arena too though. Can one shot troops with that enragedness. :hugs:

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I’ve also found the Hammer of Urska to be very powerful in arena. Not as powerful as the Runic Blade I’d say…but still on a higher tier than every other weapon there is.

Sad that there are so many weapons and yet there is such a low diversity. :frowning:

Wait! You want to make arena harder! No! It takes too much time as it is! I do arena when its a daily task and that’s it! I like to get it over with!


Don’t you find it annoying when you get easily beat by some lucky gem drops and then the opponent wipes you with Runic Blade though?

It makes arena more bearable imo. Mang is pretty powerful too, crypt keeper also.
I just make sure that I can kill a troop with my first cast, and if that means softening up other troops so they have 14hp or less first, then so be it. So even if his runic gets a cast off it doesn’t matter. You just have to play smart and bear in mind what troops will work best and with the runic blade when selecting them at the beginning.

I guess I am just a bit saddened that you seem to be punished for not basing an entire arena around 3-4 weapons. Oh well…

i think for the amount of rewards/time+difficulty havig runic blade is fine
do you really see a need for nerfing runic blade making arena slower/harder for the same rewards?

if anything - more of hero weapons should be buffed / reworked


I play arena because I like it (and tend to hate pvp), rather than for the rewards, and for the most part don’t find it difficult (given a high hero level) so I might be a bit biased against Runic Blade in that regard…

Reworking / buffing the other hero weapons is something I’d love to see. Though its probably asking for too much sadly.

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i think for your personal taste you could try increasing difficulty settings for now? :slight_smile:

Eh…I don’t know. What I find is that Runic Blade often leaves most troops (excluding the hero) with a few life points left, if they were completely full. An increase in difficulty might just make it so that most troops just get 1 shot :frowning: Which wouldn’t be a fun experience.

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fair point
personally i find higher difficulties too difficult as i want to score all wins every time
but i heard some ppl do play it and enjoy the chellenge

The loss of 1-2 keys per run might start to nag at me as well, personally. All at the hands of 1-2 weapons or troops…
Oh well. Just got 3.1, can’t complain too much I suppose…

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Higher difficulty is really not worth doing, it’s takes longer, is much harder and doesn’t give much more rewards. Just keep blasting through normal. With the blade you can do a full run in less than ten minutes.

I will have to try that hammer in Arena. :wink:

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Don’t worry. Dawnbringer is coming. Runic blade will become ridiculous in arena soon. :grin:

There are many good weapons that can be used in arena. I would add to those that have already been mentioned in the topic Sun & Moon, Spark rocket 2.0.16, Black manacles, Soulblade…
But it is true that Runic blade is the weapon with which victories are the easiest to get and the one against which there is the bigger risk to lose in case RNG is not with us. It is not a question of difficult, it is just that it is better than the other weapons.
And it seems a little too much. Making it a little less great wouldn’t hurt to keep the variety and the fun of arena.

Reworking the hero wouldn’t hurt either.



Arena is a quick way to get 30 Trophies when your bored of the same teams being used in PVP.

Only downside is you dont get any Glory pionts.


Bit late to the party, but as @Aelthwyn said, Dawnbringer is the new meta for the arena. I have it; I’ve seen three other people that have it. It will wipe your entire team in one cast. In a few weeks when everyone has one, you’ll be wishing for folks that use Runic Blade.


I came up against it and devoured it first turn, kind of a waste, I wish I’d seen what it did. I could afford it but I’m not sure if I will. I’ll see what tacet shows us on YouTube.

Aw, come on, @Nephilim, make your own decisions! :smile: