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How popular is gems /420 lab rats recruitment 50+ level


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Yes. More so when 2.0 hits. xD

As games go, Gems of War is the only one I have time for right now. Too many Shad running the river that I need to try and convince to play with me.

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Yes, I’ve played virtually all of the popular mobile games and none have held me as long as this game. Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, Game of War, Summoners War, Galaxy of Heroes, Contest of Champions, Hearthstone, Marvel Puzzle Quest, Road to Survival… They’re all very well made and designed games, but they also are pretty much all P2W, or at least require obscene amounts of spending to be competitive, and are often pretty underhanded with their tactics.

looking to start a guild loooking 4 lab rats

I prefer gems over all the other games I own right now. That includes: Destiny,Division,Halo,CoD. All the biggies. Of course I am a sucker for card or match games.

I’ve surely slacked off playing all my other Steam games since I started playing GoW. It’s the only game I’ve played for the most part this month. I’ll see if I feel the same after 2.0’s big changes. :smile_cat:

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just created new guild 420 lab rats looking for 50 levl+ specimens

Absolutely. Over the past year, I’ve put far more hours into GoW than any other game by a wide margin. My various MMO characters have been sadly neglected.

Next we’ll see if GoW 2.0 can spoil the Overwatch release for me. I have a feeling I won’t be getting enough sleep in June.


The gme is at its most popular on a monday/tuesday when the servers can’t handle us.