Advertising Gems of War

Hey All,

I just started playing Gems of War about week ago and I like it a lot. I actually discovered the game through the recent PS4 promotion. I think this game is better than most, and the main way I feel it could be improved is if it were more popular. I’m sure the creators of the game would love that too. I’m just wondering if you guys have much of an advertising budget for the game? Do you advertise it much? I often discover new games that way, playing another game and watching an ad for a reward. Often those ads are for other games and sometimes I check them out. I’d love to see this game in the Top Grossing app store lists, if only somewhere in the top 500. That’s often a place I find games as well, because I figure if they’re doing well financially, they’re probably good. Anyway, that’s it, loving the game and the new patch, peace.

  • Sayonetta

This is so interesting, I very much felt the same way as an Xbox One player (I joined during the 12 days of Christmas promotion and immediately wanted to start streaming on my twitch account – My usual Overwatch audience wasn’t very interested, though :frowning: ) … Maybe @Saltypatra can chime in once the recent patch feedback management settles down on how ‘community ambassadors’ or ‘platform promotors’ could possibly be a part of her community management strategy?

Now is definitely a hectic week/month, so if you don’t get a reply right away, @sayonetta , it’s because the patch just went live and there’s many new features starting this week’s reset.