How on earth did he defeat me?

Somehow, a lone hero managed to defeat my entire team with a mediocre weapon.

That makes no sense!

What level of difficulty were you playing on?

Their defense team isn’t the same team they invaded you with.

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There is no difficulty level in PS4 version.

I would’ve thought ‘Revenge’ would simply be revenge on the team that attacked you. Seems odd to attack a different team albeit the same person.

If it helps, think of it as two castles. While you are away fishing some evil warlord decides to attack your castle, and the team you have on defense tried, but failed. When you get back you are told “My lord, evil king JimBob attacked us!”. So you gather your attacking troops and march on over to JimBob’s castle. But now he is the one out fishing, and all he left behind was a single hero with a puny weapon… but you took your revenge anyway!


He didn;t. Revenge does not fight the attacking team but the defense team of the attacking player.

Makes sense now; thanks.