Revenge Question

This came up at the Steam forums: When you do a Revenge, are you playing against the team that Invaded you or the player’s defense team?

Defence team.


In relation to this question, i always wanted to know if after a successful revenge does the opponent (the initial invader) get an option to revenge back?

No, there can only be one revenge match for each successful invasion, and thank goodness for that. If not then it would be a never ending cycle of facing the same opponents over and over again.


Thanks for clearing that up.

Oh man, and if you both had super easy defense teams, it’d be the most ridiculous win-trading ever.

Would be nice though to have some indicator if you had done the opponent “home n away” so to speak.

It still pretty much is that now. Hopefully 2.0 will have more variety by refreshing inactives every week and completely overhauling the PvP system.

I do draw several “regular” opponents, but nothing like it would be if people could keep revenging each other endlessly.

I’d prefer to fight the team the opponent used to invade you, instead of his defense team. You would see which team defeated you.

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That’s what I think I’m seeing, I never see a one troop or sole hero or some lame troops together. They’re always what seems to be the Invading team…

Then we would see a lot teams with a Valkyrie on revenges, but we are not.

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