Dismiss revenge battles


I have a revenge battle against @dhjl sitting in my queue. Every time I’ve squared off against his/her team it’s taken aaaaaaaaaages to finish the battle; I don’t care that it’s worth 1,000 gold before bonuses if it’s going to feel more like work than play to earn the gold.

It would be nice if I could just swipe right and say “Nope. Nope nope nope” to clear that spot on my revenge queue. dhjl can keep the gold; I don’t even want it back.


Move your home kingdom, clears the revenge list.


What dose he have for his team? Was it goblins? I made a team with gob eaters just to beat those teams.


He has three Stoneskin and one Armored troop. Recommend using nukes. A Valk/Bat team is ideal.


Oh, that one. Annoying for even a bone dragon. I use my druid/shadow hunter team on him.


You probably meant “nukes” metaphorically. By the end of my last few matches against that team, I wouldn’t have been too opposed to a more literal reading.


Wouldn’t that be a nice animation to use when retreating. :slight_smile:


I swear we just had a thread about other games’ terminology. Why do I do this.

Abilities! I mean abilities!


I have to break out the True Shot Stargazer team whenever I run into him or he shows up in my revenge queue, usually makes short work of those stoneskins.