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How obvious does it have to be?

@Kafka @Cyrup How blatant of a PvP points total does it have to be in Xbox GoW for you guys to notice? When the same person keeps getting 30,000 to 45,000 points more then anyone else in PvP points something is obviously not right. Yes technically it is possible for 1 player to get that many points that fast but do you factor in sleep, eating, bathroom breaks, or anything else. Ok one person could have insomnia, live in a one room apartment, and have food delivered for every meal. Every day for months? Since nothing is being done about it the people getting away with it are having an entire guild do the same thing. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that multiple people are playing the same account or someone is using a bot program. So how many members of the same guild does it take to be in the top ranks before something is done? I guess this message will probably be ignored just as much as the PvP leaderboard.


When I played EVE Online, my corporation was plagued by a particularly effective pilot who camped our trade routes and was very good at getting away. Eventually we had a handful of people who would also camp that route to keep him tied down. They struck up conversations and we learned a bit about why it felt like he was there 24/7.

It turned out he was disabled and unable to work. So he lived with his parents and played EVE Online practically every waking moment.

Less depressing reason: I have a lot of friends who take calls for a company in rural areas. They can often go an hour or more without anyone calling. They don’t have many other job duties, so they end up spending a ton of time fiddling with online things.

The moral of the story is: not everyone who plays a game 18 hours per day is a total loser. Some people have literally nothing else to do. Some of them are total losers, ruining their lives by spending hundreds of dollars weekly for e-peen. You can’t tell which is which by looking at the leaderboard.

Think about that as you aspire to reach the top: as a claim to fame, most people assume it means you’re wasting valuable time and resources for a temporary badge in a video game.


There have been complaints/suspicions about this in the past, but there isn’t a rule against this. I know couples and families that share an account and don’t have a problem with it.


I am sure I didn’t refer to anyone as a loser. Maybe I am a loser since I don’t have someone to play my account while I am at work and asleep?

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Or maybe you should take the game for what it is - A single-player game with some kind of ‘multiplayer’, where people’s progression have nothing to do with yours, and you get the same rewards from the leaderboard with 5 maps and half a dozen explore battles? Unless your are one of the players that loves trophies - they are doomed.


Just wonder how many people I have to find to play my account while I am away. Is the standard two 12 hour shifts? Three 8 hour or four 6 hour shifts? So a guild of 30 would have to be 60, 90, or 120?

I’d go for 4 people on 6 hour shifts but honestly with the PvP payouts based on rank it is just not worth the time. Better to go work at burger king for a few hours and buy all of those rewards and more for a fraction of the time spent…


As someone who can (and has) played for many hours a day (sometimes 10 to 12 or more), it can be done. That being said, you will almost never see me on those leaderboards, because I prefer Exploring. The most I do is get to PvP tier 1 for those rewards.

All that being said, I know of people who multi play accounts as well. I know there’s a frequent Top 100 PvP player that has 3 people (including themselves) play their account. Personally, I don’t care. The rewards aren’t really worth it, in my opinion. Its just bragging rights more than anything. But, I know it can be done by one player. I could do it, if I wanted to, I just choose not to do so.


No question it can be done I’ve done it myself but I just don’t think the top 10 is worth 40 to 70 hours of straight ranked PvP in a week. Used to do it quite a bit now i just try for top 100 a couple times a month and that is mainly due to amassing gold (if there was an alternative to do it better I’d do that I’m sure).

I’ve already posted many times how ridiculous the prizes are for time invested on PvP vs GW so I won’t beat the dead horse again.



I see you never grinded destiny for that gjallarhorn…


Ah don’t remind me of that lol. I had 3 copies of every legendary weapon (1 for each class) before I finally got my first jellyhorn and than they nerfed it shortly after of course! (or it seemed shortly anyway after all the months of grinding for it)

Moved from support to gameplay chat since I see no bug or support need.

It can definitely be done!

We are also banning more players than ever before that hack, so many of these huge PVP scores are people that play very consistently through the week.


This is xbox. There’s never been a cheat hack?

Probably 60+ hours grinding pvp to get rank #1. For a laughable 50 gems? Maybe if they ever buffed the gems rewards by a factor of x10 I would have a go but for 50?