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Is it possible?

Is it possible for someone to play that much? :rage:

Please stop with the callouts. If you have issues with specific players, send private messages to the developers. Whether or not an individual is cheating, they deserve trial-by-dev and private communication there instead of getting dragged across the forum, thread after thread.


Instead of calling someone out, you could have posed the same question (minus the name), deleted the picture and simply explained what you thought was odd.

No names necessary.

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Title edited to remove call out.

First, I’ll repeat what others have said re: callouts. If you suspect illicit behavior, these matters should be taken up with the devs in a private message.

But, to answer your question:
538 ‘easy’ pvp matches in 27 hours since the reset? Yes, completely possible. Considering the average time of my fastest team, I could personally get this many done on the ‘hard’ option in about 13.5 hours of total playtime, if I were so inclined and had the free time. This is a pretty big time investment, but still gives plenty of time for rest and still complete this in a single day, if GoW is your primary source of spending time. Given every one of the above battles was done on the ‘easy’ option given the score spread, it would likely be closer to 8 hours of playtime, possibly even faster if done with a team optimized purely to take out those with low total life values.

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Hey Guys,

No call out threads please, folks!
(and yes it’s still a callout thread if you don’t name a person/guild specifically, but still supply a screenshot showing some names with the obvious implication that they are the cheaters).

As we’ve said in the previously:
If you have a well-founded suspicion that shenanigans are taking place, please either PM myself or Sirrian on the forums, or drop a line to support, and we’ll investigate.
We may be obliged to give you a “thanks, we’ll look into it” kind of reply, but rest assured it’s not a brush-off, and we are investigating.

If it seems that we haven’t done anything, it may be that we haven’t found any evidence of misconduct. That said we are continuing to improve our code for bot detection, and will continue to review any reports we get.


With all due respect to all the players, but you can not read with understanding. I only asked whether it is possible, and not with the person this bot etc. Thank you for attention. Have a nice day. We all know that there were problems with the server on this day.

and by the way, the ranking is public available to all players, and so on a forum I can publish such pictures, and the second did not give the name, photo, address, and as I wrote one about nothing accuse only directed inquiry.

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Exactly this is why I never could understand the “no callouts” rule. Ranking is public, chats are public, forum is public. We are closed society, we all play the same game and see the same things.
But yeah, if you want to be a part of the forum u gotta follow the rules, no matter if u understand them or not :slight_smile:


although in the middle of one little soul understands me :slight_smile: thank you and intensively think about what you wrote :wink:

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The reasoning behind “no callouts” is not to somehow privatize publicly-available information, or to whitewash problems that don’t exist. It’s to protect individuals from unfair treatment. We don’t know the details of a given user’s behavior. We don’t know what is a UI bug, a game backend bug, and what is legitimate exploitation and cheating.

But assuming the worst case, and that someone is in fact being toxic or cheating – above all, the forum is not a podium for witch hunting. The purpose here is to discuss the game itself, not the players. If there’s an exploitable bug that you can disclose, you can do that without pointing fingers. If, instead, you have a hunch that someone is cheating, and no real evidence of how, you’re best served in private communication with the developers.


Hellow Again :slight_smile: in my old topic :slight_smile: and now to the point, It is possible that, the average of pvp battle points it’s around ~66 per battle. this is only question, I’m not accusing anyone of anything, I’m just curious :relaxed:

Yes, it’s possible.

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ok Thx @RiverSong :slight_smile: