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How may Gems/Keys does your guild produce?

So for the next 5 days I will share with you all how much gems and keys we generate here at Intrim. If you wish to share how much your guild generate please feel free.

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Intrim Day 1

You win… LOL, if you produce that much in a day, you definitely win.

Ultramarines guild is 15th / 16th on the list and I throw 800-1mil a week in guild tasks, yet we produce NOTHING like that daily.

< feeling not worthy >

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“daily” 1st day of the week :sunglasses:


Yeah that’s only day 1 not saying we do this everyday but we do a ton in 7 days. Just stay tuned. I won’t claim the rewards until this Friday. We will watch it grow though

@Tactica we all do like 1 million at least in donations though

this is why they are nerfing it

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@Justakid That’s fine we will compete no matter what happens. Other guilds will all have the same restrictions so it’s fair. Honestly it will never be fair because a guild of 30 Elites will dominate all no matter what, don’t you agree?

Our guild is definitely more… relaxed? We have a min level 100 and 100K / week contribution requirement.

I’m definitely in the high end of donations in our guild. If you guys are all donating 1mil a week, well that explains it then I guess. You guys are putting in crazy hours as a whole.

Good times…

@Tactica thanks it feels good to have a decent conversation with someone. I really appreciate it. Good luck to you and your guild, I wish you guys much success and entertainment. I don’t know if your the guild master or what but you carry yourself like one.

Back at you.

No, not a guild master. Just a member.

I’m a 41 yr old, IT professional, father of 3 teens, husband and long time gamer. I have way too many hobbies in fact. I also run an 11 person team in the competition shooting world IRL… maturity on forums comes in a variety of ages, skillsets, and backgrounds.



That’s pretty awesome man, I don’t know if your interested but we have space in Intrim ll if you ever wanted a change of scenery.

Cheers mate

Looks like another @#$%-measuring thread to me. Watch for hammers. I’m out.

(Plus its the first day of the week. Those numbers are meaningless today.)


That’s kind of you, and I sincerely appreciate it.

Hard to fathom that you guys hit those numbers - without having a full guild even! < tip hat and low bow > Congrats!

I’ll have to respectfully decline though. You and your guild sound awesome, but I have a couple buddies in UltraMarines that I pulled in recently. We all game together on Sat IRL, as we’ve done for years. We have played warhammer 40k for years and years, so the guild name appealed to us in a nostalgia sense (The Ultramarines are a Space Marine chapter in 40K… lot of fictional geek-dom there, and appoligize if it’s all lost on you). It’s perhaps dumb or altrustic even, but I’ll hang with the guild I’m in.

Our internet cafe saturday’s are usually filled with much BS, drinking and a decent amount of Gems. That said, we are all older. We don’t always hit the 1 mil mark in donations weekly, and the minimal requirement of 100K works with our otherwise complicated lives. It’s a good fit for old guys. :wink:

All the best to you and your guild though, and again, appreciate the offer.


@Tactica wow that is really awesome, that’s what gaming and friendship is all about. Keep up the good work my friend it was a pleasure meeting you.

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@Shimrra Not trying to brag at all I’m sorry that you took it that way. I’m just simply advertising our guild. I feel players should know what to expect when they choose Intrim.

All guilds are allowed to share their totals if they choose. I’m just providing proof to my words when I say we bring in over 3k trophies and gems each week.

It’s threads like this that make me wish I didn’t play on console

@irishfury187 lol why u say that?

our best was 650-700 in 1 Day but we dont have 2.0 = much more Gold

and btw why should they nerf it? just whining from the low active Guys if you have 30 Players with 1 Million donate its normal why not? if you give much you get much .

I agree you get out what u put into the game