How many years before every kingdom has one Mythic?

I was looking at the kingdoms which do not have yet a Mythic troop and then, a question: how much time it will take before every kingdom has one Mythic?

So if we assume that devs release one kingdom every 2 months and one Mythic every month, it will take… 3 years!
Wow quite long, so other questions:

  • what will happen afterwards? An existing Mythic will be exclusive every 2 months and one new will be released the other months?
  • because 3 years it’s quite long, will some Mythics appear first in the Crafting system (and could be exclusive in an event afterwards)? For example, if one Mythic is released by the conventional way + 1 other with the Crafting , it will take only 9 months.
  • will devs stop to release kingdoms so they can focus to rework the existing ones? :slight_smile:

There is a possibility that they stop making kingdoms after this year. After the 3 they have planned, the current map being used has no more space.


Easy solution for that, just flip the map over, there’s still much room at the bottom side. If you take a peek from the side of your computer screen you can just barely make out the letters “Dark Side of Krystaria”, so I imagine this is already a work in progress. :smirk:


@Tacet You might have not have noticed… but in the previous update they removed all the kingdom boarders. Now they can add a lot more Kingdoms in all the empty spaces.

Time to make a new game. Nothing lasts forever, well, according to Bryan Adams anyway.

Good know the little isle near the Stormheim does not have any clouds on it, but this looks like a perfect place for some merfolk kingdom. Dont let the cluds thwist you hehe

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They could even put a ‘merfolk’ Kingdom anywhere in the dark blue ocean on the map.:grinning:. It doesn’t have to use any land.


another map? that would be so awesome! :open_mouth:

my worst fear… all kingdoms done, no new one = the end of the game.
i mean yes, surely they would make new cards for every kingdom, but still… it would probably feel like the end. -_-

If we assume that GoW’s world is round like Earth, one can see that the left and right sides do not match. So the map could be expanded. And I don’t see why devs will stop release new kingdoms…
Even if they stop, they can release 7-8 troops for different kingdoms + 1 kingdom rework, every 2 months.

What about new Mythics in the Crafting mode? Because it will take else maximum 3 years to have every kingdom with a Mythic and also some stuffs to craft for end-gamers who have already everything.