How long until all kingdoms can be put up to lvl 10?


New Kingdoms, troops and so on in the last week… that is nice, okay… new content is always welcome, but what about the other kingdoms?

If you want to have a home kingdom that still does not have 8 troops you’ll never get that +1 magic. The kingdom level feature was really cool but I think many of us are still waiting for their home kingdom to get lvl 10.

Well, just something I had bottled… cya guys have a nice week :3


I think the idea is to slowly work on this achievement so they have plenty of time to update troops. Because they put out troops about once every other week. Eventually we will get to the point where there are 10 in every kingdom, and at that point they will need to either put out more kingdoms or innovate by increasing the max cap of 10… and then what? They will need to think of an idea for that and will certainly need a major update to achieve this. So I would say it will be awhile.


Most likely you will see a catch up of the consoles to 1.07 style kingdom management. That changes the bonuses and the way you level your kingdoms as well. It unchained them from card dependency for kingdom levels which has been really nice.

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Don’t worry we all resurrect necro threads.


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