When are there coming new kingdoms?


My question is, when are there coming new kingdoms, or in which time there are coming new kingdoms?
I have played out all kingdoms, so now I only can do arena or pvp.

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The next kingdom (expected to be the brown-yellow one) is due within a month, we think…

No idea about them after that…


Thank you very much for your answer.

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It may also be the very last kingdom :
Each Kingdom will have it’s own colors and every dual / mono colors will have their Kingdom.

Maybe they will add a new mana color in the game, maybe they will extend some story lines like they did with Khaziel, maybe they’ll come with something entirely new. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t know.

If you look at the world map, you can see clearly the borders showing where each kingdom should be located, and there are enough locations for total 29 kingdoms (or 30, if you count the islands west of Wild Plains). It seems like they planned to have this many kingdoms from the start, so I say it’s highly unlikely that they stop now and just leave these parts of the map empty forever.

Maybe we’ll get triple color kingdoms :grinning:

I never paid attention to those borders, but, indeed, it seems there is one kingdom per border.

However, I’m not sure they’ll use every spots. Especially considering the “world map” seems incomplete as, for exemple, the island could be bigger East of Khetar.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

It is possibly like in Tolkien’s universe. Everyone talks about the big land west of the sea and makes ominous allusions, but we will never be seeing it.

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Assuming the common map reading rules (north is up), there’s nothing east of Khetar (it’s on the edge of the map). I believe you meant north of Khetar (and east of Stormheim)?

If so, this island is considered a part of Stormheim, and was never meant to host a kingdom of its own.
Reasoning: Locations of future kingdoms are covered by clouds, which would disappear when a new kingdom shows up there. This Island was covered by clouds at first, and those clouds disappeared when Stormheim came around.
This is also why I’m not sure about the islands west of Wild Plains, since water is not as clear a border between kingdoms as the drawn one, so two areas separated by water could belong to the same kingdom.

No I meant that the map (as in the scroll of the map) ends at the east of Khetar, but Kristara, GoW’s worlds doesn’t suddenly ends here. So there’s land beyond what’s shown on the map, these are some uncharted areas. Wich is why I think maybe all borders doesn’t mean they belong to a Kingdom, since there are other uncharted areas.

That could be the same as @xSidarothx mentioned, an area you know exists but would never get to see. There’s no real problem with that. But the places that are visible on the map and look like they were prepared for new kingdoms (with borders drawn and clouds covering etc.) - Those clearly were made for future kingdoms in the first place (though the devs can always change their mind).

There are only a total of 21 colour combinations (when you include double-colours) with 6 colours.

If they add more than that, there will either have to be Kingdoms with three colours (how would that even work?) or Kingdoms with the same Mana bonuses.

I understand that the intention is to use all the kingdoms on the map, and that there are no plans to ever expand the map.

You can tell the areas which will be new kingdoms by their patches of cloud as @yonizaf says, which will part to reveal them. That makes for 11 more kingdoms to appear, so 31 in total. It includes the broken islands west of Wild Plains, and the small mountain area between FoT and Khetar. It excludes the large islands east of Stormheim and the isle in the enclosed sea south of Stormheim, though I think either of these could be sites for other (non-kingdom) areas with extra facilities or games.

The next kingdom will be brown/yellow, so we widely expect it to be desert-like and be on the southern continent.

After that, all colour pairs done, I think it’s still uncertain what will happen to the rest of the kingdoms - duplicates of pairs, or associations other than colours (or mixing in skulls, for example). Who knows…


PS4/Xbox has 17 Kingdoms with these Mana combinations missing;


Which Kingdoms fill these combos?

Also, we don’t get Banners for Ghulvania (Red/Purple) or Sword’s Edge (Yellow/Blue), does your version have Banners for all Kingdoms?

I didn’t even think of Skulls being a factor. That would add 7 combinations (with a double-Skull bonus), bringing the total to 28.

Adding a 7th colour would produce 8 new combinations, making 29 total.

Either way, I don’t see how they implement more than 21 Kingdoms without severely unbalancing (therefore breaking) the game.

Red/Green is Wild Plains
Red/Brown is Grosh-Nak
Purple/Brown is Darkstone

These kingdoms are out on PC so will hit consoles some time soon… probably…

Yellow/Brown will be our next one on PC.

Yes, you should have all the banners for the kingdoms - no idea why you would not have them - you should get them when you pay gold to unlock the kingdom… I don’t play on console so no idea why this would be different…

Never heard of Darkstone yet. For a couple weeks we could see all the Grosh-Nak/Wild Plains Troops in the Show All filter, but they are gone now.

Yeah it makes no sense to me either but that’s how it is. We have 17 Kingdoms and 15 Banners :frowning:

Any Devs out there that can answer this?

am I the only one that doesn’t want more after the brown yellow, and would rather have more troops for existing kingdoms?

Nop, you’re not.
Though I also want some new stories, wich is why I wish they’d extend stories the way they did with Khaziel :slight_smile: