How many people would buy Path to Glory 2 if it were guaranteed to give you a NEW mythic?

EDIT #1: I asked to add a 3rd option. Feel free to change your votes accordingly.
EDIT #2: I added additional clarification that we’re discussing Path to Glory 2 which is $50 USD.
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A little market research here.

Would you buy Path to Glory 2 ($50 USD)if it were guaranteed to give you a NEW mythic and not one you already have?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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If yes, would you potentially buy more than one?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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All, I was asked to add a “maybe” option.

Please re-vote and change your vote if “maybe” is a better option for you.


Because there is nothing greater to a poll to collect opinions than “maybe”. :wink:


I didn’t want to but a few people asked for it. I don’t want to collect unrealistic data. :+1:


This isn’t market research. Not only is it horribly biased, it also completely misses the point of having a gacha system.

They make money by having a system with low odds for the best stuff. People spend tons of money chasing these items. If they introduce a system where you’re guaranteed to get the rare thing then it wrecks this system. It’s particularly bad b/c they only release 1 mythic/month, meaning you could just buy this bundle each month and be guaranteed to get every new one as it’s released. There’s no way they can offset $50 purchases when people will spend hundreds if not thousands chasing the rarest troops. The bottom line is that F2P games make all their money off a small percentage of players spending very large amounts of money. Mythics are the single best source of this in the game and you’re asking them to sabotage it. Ain’t gonna happen.


Knock it off.


I went full maybe on that poll! :scream_cat:

I think one thing is crystal clear: I’m never playing a game run by Delinquent. If he had his way GoW would be just another terrible F2P game. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would if i could CHOOSE which one but ive been considering buying one as it is now tbh

Choosing one is way too P2W IMO - everybody would automatically pick Famine. But asking for one that I don’t already have seems reasonable for $50.


You are absolutely right but a fella can dream right?



The way I look at it they sell specific Legendaries for $50. If you buy that pack, you get that troop.

It isn’t unreasonable to ask for a RANDOM mythic for the same price, as long as it isn’t a duplicate.


Lol again you are 100% correct

I would like a second pharos tho

Honestly I have bought the path to glory subscription twice now, but neither of my purchases was motivated by the mythic at the end. In fact, I went into it assuming that since I already own most of the mythics that chances were pretty good I’d get a duplicate, but I bought it anyway, because the value of the traitstones you get over the course of a month is much higher for me than another mythic card.

The trouble with polling things like this is that everyone plays this game differently and the player’s level greatly impacts their decision making. So, for someone who is already level 1000+ that owns most of the cards and already has them leveled and mostly traited, spending $50 on a pack that has a small chance of giving you one of the few cards you’re missing and getting traitstones that you might not completely need will never be perceived as a good value. Conversely, to someone at a lower level who is still trying to get their cards traited and get their hands on a mythic in the process, it’s easy to justify a $50 spend.

Your poll assumes that the only item of value that would affect a person’s decision to purchase that pack is a mythic card. I’d honestly be interested to know how many people would buy that pack if it didn’t give you a mythic at all and just had a large bunch of extra traitstones at the end.


Actually his poll doesn’t. His poll simply asks a question, would you be more likely to buy the pack if it did guarantee a new Mythic. That doesn’t disclude other reasons for buying the pack but he’s not asking about those and thus they don’t affect the poll. All other, unasked criteria remain unaffected.


Well, the idea was discussed at length with Sirrian (in the same thread that was the genesis of the upcoming crafting system) and the majority in favor, myself included, are end-gamers. All of us were in favor of doing this, so at least some motivation is there for high level players who don’t need many trait stones to buy based on the mythic alone (given the very small sample size of course).

It’s like you all willfully refuse to accept how F2P games work or to do basic math. Just to be clear:

  1. The drop rate on a Mythic in a VIP Chest is 1/100.
  2. VIP Chests cost 2,250 for 50 or 45 gems/chest.
  3. 45 gems times 100 chests equals 4,500 gems.
  4. At $100, gems are 15 for $1.
  5. 4,500 divided by 15 equals $300.

That’s assuming you get one at random per the current system. So they’re already giving you a card worth $300, plus a TON of other stuff that’s value is probably a hundred plus more, for $50. The Mythic is actually icing on the cake as the rest of the bundle is clearly worth far more than $50. That’s patently true based on the 6x6 arcane bundles they sell for $35. It’s super generous as-is.

If they’re giving away a mythic you don’t already own then the cost is some multiple of that (because targeting a specific mythic is far more valuable than one at random). I can’t be bothered to do the math, but getting to select a specific mythic, as the extreme case, is currently worth something like four thousand dollars ($600 times a 1 in 12 chance of the mythic you want). Obviously if it’s one you don’t own at random then it’s somewhere in between $300 and $4,000 based on how many you don’t own. Bear in mind that this cost goes up each month as they release more and your odds of getting a specific one become worse. And, again, the worst part of all is that you can be guaranteed to get the one you don’t own each month as it’s released if you own all the rest.

I can understand why you want them to be even more generous – who doesn’t?! – but that doesn’t mean your request is reasonable. You’re talking about spending $50 for something that’s valued at like $1000. It simply makes no sense.

You’d be much better served suggesting things that you would buy that don’t wreck their economy.

I’m fully aware how F2P games work. This isn’t some random request.

They’re already considering it, thus the poll.


On a lower level account, I’d pick Pharos Ra, not Famine. Then Gard’s Avatar. Famine may be the most powerful objectively, but its not that fun to use, and who would pay money for something they wouldn’t even want to use regularly themselves? But even choosing one for $50 bucks and the wait wouldn’t be any more P2W than the current monetization already in place. If you keep throwing money at the game, you can already have every single mythic at any time, you’d just be quibbling over amounts.

Thats just me playing devils advocate though. I do think that a random mythic, guaranteed to be new unless you have them all, is perfectly reasonable for $50 and the one month wait. However, I will not consider spending money for this purpose unless crafting puts it in my reach and this is simply a way to speed acquisition and support the game. If its not reasonably possible through ingame methods, I’m not investing in buying it either because that means the acquisition method is broken on purpose to drive sales, and that is something I’m not willing to support.