Growth pack adjustment

A question for the devs:


how would you feel about putting a mythic in one’s growth pack that is still missing? Is this technically possible?

It would sure be an incentive for me to buy one!

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Not exactly the same request but very similar. As you can see, there’s several here that would like to see this but so far, the devs have been silent on the subject.

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I really want an abynissia and would pay the growth pack just for her :slight_smile: !

Just to add my two cents here again in case the devs drop by.
I am currently only missing Pharos and Wulfy.

If I knew that a Path would land me one… I would not hesitate spending $100 over the next 2 months to secure my final pieces.

And I am NOT a whale by any means… just FYI. :wink:


I’m missing gard, wulfgarok and abynissia. Either one would be nice, aby is my favorite one to get though!

I’d definitely buy the Pack IF it had a “smart loot system” to fill in one of my missing Mythics. The last think if need is a 5th copy of one I already have when I can only use four a time anyhow :wink:

PS: I’m not a whale or FTP. Just regular VIP5

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Same here. I’m missing a handful of Mythics and wouldn’t hesitate buying 2-3 if it would be guaranteed to give me one I don’t already have. Though my preference would be for the devs to let us buy multiple Growth Packs (I’m currently locked out since I already bought one) so I can get them instantly.

On a side note, I’d also like to be able to buy 5-6 arcanes for $4.99. I can’t count how many times I’ve been grinding and wished I could just buy the arcanes for 5 bucks. The $35 arcane packs make me think twice since the price is much higher and they would contain 30 arcanes I don’t need and only 6 of the ones I’d want. $5 for only the 6 I want on the other hand would be an instant impulse buy.


Yeah, 55 euro is a considerable amount to spend on game content. I’d be upset if it were my 4th Pharos for example.

+100000% to this! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I don’t know if I will EVER understand the devs pricing policy…
I have tried… truly I have…
I just feel like they are leaving THOUSANDS of $$$$ on the table with their insistence on PACKAGES.

Give the consumer the ability to purchase SPECIFIC content for a mitigated price and MORE $$$ will be spent by the consumer. It’s a proven and sound business practice. :confused:

The only thing that I can think is some of the devs feel like a smaller price point might be seen as P2W where the current packages are so illogical to purchase NOBODY can claim the game is P2W, but I think so long as they remain generous with their in-game distribution of premium currency then opening up store to micro transactions that will actually draw the consumer in will not besmirch GoW’s good name! :grin:


I really don’t like micro transaction that much, but it impossible to argue with what works. Here is a recent example DLC packs ($10-20) vs Microtransactions in the same game. (Halo).

4:10 - 6:30 its a different genre, but still.

Microtransactions win


I love non-P2W micro transactions in games when they are done well. I’ve gotten to VIP 8 mostly through micro transactions. If GoW didn’t have them, Death Knight armor is the only thing I would have bought in this game.


They seriously need reworked.
I just threw another 50 towards a growth pack, missing all of the apocalypse troops yet, Pharos ra, stonehammer and ele. But they insisted I needed a 3rd aby instead.

Suggestion, when spending money can we acquire a mythic we need? Not another duplicate. How hard is it?

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If I have to save for every new drop, when will I get the old ones I missed?

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When there is an event like the Current one for Elemaugrim it is the only Mythic that can be found in chests (at least I have never seen A mythic other than the one in the event being found in chat).

Does this also effect the growth pack? (eg. if I were to buy a growth pack right now would my Mythic be Elemaugrim, or could it be any Mythic?)

I have to admit, if I had some control over who the Mythic would be, I would probably purchase the growth pack.

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No when you buy the growth pack it will be any from the pool.

Actually there is 1 other exception. If an event features a kingdom with a mythic, that kingdom’s mythic will be in event chests even if it’s during the exclusive period for another. This happened when Whitehelm was the event and I think Pharos Ra was having his exclusive time. You could still get Gard’s Avatar from event chests.


Got my 6th ketras this week. Still no abynissia. It’s the only card I’m missing …

Dude, I’ll trade you, right away.for something I need of course.

Got 4 aby, wish we could swap!


I’d take 1.