How many guilds are there now, exactly?

I assume the devs know this, has anyone heard the answer? We can see the top 50 but not the bottom 50. I’m curious because I think the game servers are starting to slow down their response due to traffic, and the # of guilds may be a good measure of game growth.

If you wanted to find out, you could start a new guild with no trophies and see where you sit on the table.

I tried that earlier but couldn’t get an exact number, only that there are well over 10,000:

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Those are some weird guild names…

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Is it possible to have a negative trophy counts? If so, then it should be easy to get to the bottom of the list just by losing or retreating some PVP battles.

Alternatively, since these seem to be sorted alphabetically, using the right name for the guild might just send you to the bottom of the list.

[quote=“ctu1208, post:4, topic:4014, full:true”]
Those are some weird guild names…
[/quote]Yeah, these are probably all guilds made by people who wanted to check the total guild count…

Or at least, that’s the idea. Anyone who creates a disposable guild for whatever reason (such as this one here), might just put in random letters or numbers. Since the list is sorted alphabetically (when trophy count is equal), having your guild start with a number will cause you to see other guilds that start with numbers.

Almost 14000 Guilds in the system on Mobile/PC


How many active players are there across PC/Mobile on any given week?

Let’s say only the top 2,000 guilds are active. Even at the bare minimum of 10 slots per guild, that totals 20,000 players. I highly doubt there are 20,000+ active players participating in guilds, not to mention that actual number of slots is much higher due to 30 slot guilds. There are just way too many guild slots available compared to the number of players. This makes it harder for newly developing guilds to get the members they need to complete tasks, let alone rise as a guild.

We need some form of drastic change to the cost and requirement to establish a guild. My proposal for this has always been level 50 requirement (to establish a guild) and 10,000 gold cost. This would make sure anyone that creates a guild already has some form of understanding of the game as well as enough gold at hand to help contribute to tasks.

I can’t give out numbers, but we have significantly more than 20K active players participating in guilds

Are new guilds actually filling though? Does a level 20 that decides to make a guild get 5+ members within the first week without advertising? Do they actually maintain numbers, or do they just leave to higher guilds or even inactive? Does a newer player advertising a guild stand any chance compared to other guilds? This person is towards the upper of the lower end, yet still is likely to get little to no interest Looking for new guild members .

Most of those questions don’t need to be answered, but do need to be addressed in some way. It could be that it is running smoothly, but from what I have seen and heard it would appear otherwise for developing guilds. They are too limited by:

  • the number of guilds
  • the lack of ability to recruit, and therefore rise
  • hard to compete with other guilds, even on the low end scale, for time = progress

This is a great suggestion, having to many guilds is bad, because more then half is inactive. I would even raise it to level 100 and a starting fee of 50.000. Those 50.000 could be afterwards used for completing guild quest (some sort of guild vault where top ranked members could redistribute gold on tasks), but it would make creating a guild much more responsible thing, and something people would think through.

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We DO have a lot of 1-4 person Guilds where a small group of friends, or a couple, or even someone who enjoys their own company are happily playing and quite active. I think it’s great that people can play the way they like.

However, we also sometimes see new players wanting to start guilds, and receiving little interest, because socially active players generally tend to go out looking for a bigger guild.

When we (finally) do the big Guild Update, I hope to address some of this. Maybe the cost to create a guild rises, not sure on what we should charge exactly,we’ll see. A level requirement is also a good idea @DonBoba. We certainly DO need a better system of “suggestions to join” too.


Level 100 I feel would be a bit too steep, especially since Sirrian mentions friends, spouses, etc. going into a joint guild for casual fun. I still stand behind my level 50 as the middle ground between 0 and 100. xD

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I think a level 50 requirement is also too much. Going by Steam achievements, it took more than 2 months for me to reach level 50.

On the other hand, the way it is currently is obviously too easy to make a guild. You can make a guild with a brand new account, no need to play a single match, since you start with the required amount of gold. I wonder how many people started a new game, created a guild and just left the account for good. Just from the numbers above, there should be some 4000 guilds with 0 trophies or less.

I’m curious how one would achieve the “or less” part. :laughing:
The system doesn’t go negative, or else dhjl from above would have just kept losing trophies to see what the lowest rank would be.

Oh, it does. I tested. You’d be surprised how many guilds there are with -1 or -2 trophies.

Recipe for negative trophy guilds:

  1. Start a new guild
  2. Start PVP
  3. Lose

Enabling players to join a target guild is also good. They can either go to suggested guilds, or type name of the guild they want to join. And inviting should be modified.

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Level 30 is my recommendation. It was around this level when I joined my first guild and it just felt right to me.

(Granted we’re talking about making not joining guilds, but still.)