Guilds are missing trophies

Many guilds lost a lot of trophies in the last day or so. I scanned through much of the “Banpocalypse” thread but did not see any explanation for it. Were trophies removed from the guilds of the players who exploited the glitch? If a player is banned do all of their accumulated trophies disappear or something? I don’t think any players were banned from my guild though and we still lost several thousand.

We have lost thousands also but 2 of our guys did spend the gems they kept getting. Chances are you have had someone banned
Devs are saying nothing and that’s spoons [Lyya: edited out naughty word] when their incompetence started all this.

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Never had this happen in my guild (thankfully.)

Just a question though, do the ‘offending’ members have all their trophies stripped in the guild roster as well as on the guild leaderboard?

If it is the latter as well I guess it should be fairly easy to work out who ‘caused’ the loss of trophies in a guild. If their trophies in the guild roster have been zeroed that is.

Only asking out of interest, not being judgemental in any way btw.

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I THINK they lose all Ts

They take a way a percentage of the trophies the player earned. I thought it was just got those who hack the game. But I guess any ban triggers a trophy reduction.

No the guild board is unchanged. The only way we know is if someone shares the info by owning up. If they are too embarrassed or ashamed to speak up then the only real indicator is wars participation, or lack of. TBH I have no idea how many have messed up in my guild. Transparency reigns supreme yet again. Tried working it out from the trophy deduction numbers but that’s not clarifying anything.

Someone in my guild posed the question of whether, if a former member of a guild gets banned, perhaps some of their trophies are still removed from the guild’s trophy count.

It would be very nice to have a clear statement from the devs about what exactly is going on here @Cyrup

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My guild has lost 400 trophies approximately, they coincide with the trophies that an expelled player had this week. The reason for his expulsion is global mail. That I know how to open the mail does not give trophies. Conclusion: trophies won legally have been removed

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It will be more than likely about 50% of the banned player’s lifetime total whilst in his/her current guild…A guild on Playstation, lost nearly 122,000 trophies, therefore it would be highly unlikely it would be the trophies obtained this week.

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It could be because he had 800 or 900 in total
in any case they are still trophies won legally

I agree, as you cannot buy trophies with gems.