How many players/guilds are?

Hello everyone. I hope I’m not the only one with this doubt.

The question is simple: How many players did Gow got??

The game is being growing since 2 years and too many players join in this time. ( I remember the times when you need so muck luck to won a key in a battle and you make feel so happy - before guilds of course -)

And the other question is more simple: How many Guilds are??

Since I make my own guild (I believe the first day guilds appears), we see a lot of Guilds in the rankings moving up and down but how many are? I think lower guilds for example rank 1000 like to know if they are 11000 guilds, so they can appreciate more their own progression.

And another question :smiley: If I make my guild the first day guilds appears, how are guilds with 200 days more old?. Thanks all.

Maybe @Nimhain or @Sirrian could give me/us more information.

They said in the past they would never disclose the player count, but the current ACTIVE player base across all platforms is around 50,000-150,000 players per week, likely more towards the middle of that range. The amount of players playing at any given time across all platforms is around 3,000-6,000.


This is from 47(?) days ago when I started my guild. I wanted a screenshot of the beginning climb.


Necro thread time. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are around 40,000 active accounts on PC/Mobile. Number is slightly higher than that since there are a lot of people who haven’t stepped foot in PvP causing them to have 0 rating as well as people who are tied or below 506. Rating of 501 could give the most accurate number, but anything 499 or below would likely include too many dead accounts at 500.

Also, active user base on Steam, and assumibly across all platforms, is the highest it has ever been with an average amount of players on PC alone at 1,200 players: Gems of War - Steam Charts


40000 only in pc/mobile?

!!.that´s a lot of people
Also the number in steam is increased by months. Good job here devs.

No more sad people for finish the pvp week at rank 5000.
I need to say that every day I found new players, so something in publicity is also being well.

Thanks Tacet now it is clearer.

The game seems to be doing very well on Steam. I consistently see it in the top 50 most popular free to play games, which puts it in some pretty good company.