How long will it take to fix arena?

i was really excited to play some arena again now that the reward have been buffed only to end up with weapon working incorrectly and overpowered opponent that shouldn’t receive bonus they receive

is there any chance it will be fixed next week when monday unit get introduced? or will it take longer like 2.0.0?

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I believe it may be delayed until 1.0.9. Pretty much every person has the ability to use the same few overpowered weapons, so it ends up balancing out that way. Lower levels may have the problem of people who rush purple and red mastery having an advantage especially since most lower levels will max Warlord first for classes and purple has a lot of full AoE weapons that benefit the most from extra magic.

With the red and purple off set, try something that changes red or purple. It limits their usefulness…

Try hard or warlord difficulty.