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Opponent is way to op in arena (Not a bug)

so each time i try to play arena the opponents has 2x or 3x my stats regardless of what difficulty i use…

Check your difficulty setting before you enter the match. This looks like Warlord 3-4 difficulty.


it is warlord 3 but i’ve always fought on this since unlocking it. and they suddenly became this strong. this hasn’t happened before. is like this since the last few days. earlier the difficulty bugged as i was getting the warlord enemys even on normal. i see that is fixed now. still any idea why have they become to op? is there a new patch i haven’t read

Try lowering the difficulty. Upping difficulty boosts the opposing teams stats, it doesn’t make fights easier…

k i can beat them on warlord 1-2. i was able to beat warlord 3 too until few days ago. but what can you do i’ll just have to get stronger

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Arena is tough, getting stronger doesn’t really apply there, because your character and troop traits, class traits, and weapon upgrades don’t factor in to your team during Arena runs.

Good luck though, and I hope you find a good balance between difficulty, challenge, & rewards.

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You have been very lucky.

Most players don’t change the difficulty of Arena at all. Winning consistently and quickly tends to get you more rewards over time than winning inconsistently and more slowly with a bonus. This is especially true once you unlock Dawnbringer, it can be possible to eliminate an entire team in 2-3 moves if you get lucky. I’ve seen people who do farm at Warlord I or II, but I don’t believe it is efficient.

Either way, nothing’s changed about Arena, and those statistics are consistent with higher difficulties. If you won more matches before, you were lucky. Likewise: there are many teams I think are “easy” and I feel like I can always beat. I’ve lost at least once to most of them. Luck swings in very odd ways.

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k thanks everyone for help and support

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Glad you could get that sorted out @ReyUchiha
Thank you for your help everyone, have a great weekend.

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