How long did you have to wait before your support ticket was fixed?

Just wondering how long it takes for support to fix a problem ?

I don’t think I’ve ever waiting longer than 24 hours and that includes when I used to play on PS3 as well as after I moved to mobile (the support contacts are different).


I waited like 8 hours and everything was fixed.

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Most support tickets I have done in the past took 5-24 hours. I have sent dozens of them over the years. There were 2 sent at different times about different topics that did take a week+, but that was extremely rare compared to their normal speed.

I have made support tickets that took longer than a day but that was due to a complexity of two accounts getting screwed over.

i have had one take 3 days, but i submitted it like 6pm on friday (australia time) - so i thought monday mid morning was pretty good :slight_smile:
most are less than 24 hours… even got an email from @Nimhain :smiley:


Went pretty fast here, less than 24h.

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I’m trying too do my first support ticket.

I hit the submit button does not seem to be going throu

Do I need create account on there or something ??

What am I doing wrong ?

This. I am pretty sure you have to create an account there, shouldnt take too long to create tho.

Mine took 8 days to finally get resolution, but they did fix it.

I have found that most of my tickets are addressed within 72 hours.

the last few times that I contacted support it was at least 27 to 30 hours