How lame is this?

In this topic, I will be quoting several ideas I had to improve GoW. Quoting my own posts is lame in and of itself.

But I will also attempt my first poll. Polls are often an unscientific representation of the community. Firstly because only those interested will respond. Secondly, those that respond might not fully understand the issues. Thirdly, I will leave that discussion for smarter people…on to the poll:

I invite you to vote for the lamest of my ideas, in the hopes that it will be implemented by the developers. Please note, I do not find any of my ideas lame. Nor do I believe I suffer from delusions of grandeur. And while some may consider me psychotic, I would never even harm a fly. Unless of course it landed on the head of an Elf that I was repeatedly bashing with my war-hammer. But I digress…

  • Delve Faction Mythic Troops
  • The Orc’oin
  • Orc Hero Traits
  • Mythic Tasks
  • No more Chunky Polls

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Delve Faction Mythic Troops

I would like to see future mythics tied to faction teams. A horned Rattigar, that could summon others would help. A Harpy that inflicted Stun, so that the enemy Harpy 5% summon didn’t trigger as often. A Setauri that cleansed, a Lapina that disenchants…

idk, I get that it is supposed to be a challenge. Without a chance to summon more troops, that challenge is often too much for me.

The Orc'oin

Remove the Chaoas Orb as a reward and introduce the Chaos Token, or possibly the Orc’oin.

Then players could visit the new Global Goblin Bank of Zaejin, and access their Minor and Major Orb Banks. Every 4th and 8th would be Clan, the 11th would be Ascension, the other 8 an even split of Frustration and Disappointment.

There would also be slot machines available (Goblins are gamblers by nature) where unwanted orbs could be inserted with a chance (for a nominal fee) to become a token of Cedric (or the other Medal components).

And perhaps also: Orc’oins could be used in a similar progression system for Medal components, tho I don’t know what an acceptable ratio might be. I ran this idea by Brian the Lucky, and he liked it. High King Irongut was also onboard.

Proposed Orc Hero Traits

My suggestions for Orc traits would be:

Orc Armor
x2 Skull Dmg vs Bleeding Enemy
Recklessness: Inflict bleed on all Enemies and himself on a 4 or 5 match

A brief life of glory, seems fitting for a Barbarian.

Mythic Tasks

Let the 6 Basic Tasks unlock Legendary Tasks, and let the 6 Epic Tasks unlock Mythic Tasks

Final Item should be self-explanatory. No need to beat on a dead Elf. Thanks for reading, and if applicable, voting. (Does anybody else check Taransworld daily to see if the Orc traits have been updated?)

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