Silly requests that don't really make much of a difference

I have a few requests that really won’t affect game play, but I think they are kinda fun.

Can we rename Summoner to Orcle. Because Orcs… and mystical shaman/oracles.

Can the Giant toad (or maybe it was a frog. I’ve been drinking and can’t quite remember.) and Giant Mushroom be rated as Giants? (So any bonus that applies to giants would also apply to them. I don’t foresee any real change to game play, and om not sure anyone really uses them anyway, but still… giants)

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While we’re at it, can we make the whole map pink because pink, and make every gem a donut because donuts… and mystical shaman donuts.

Makes about as much sense. Book it.

@Saltypatra is there a forum rule against posting while drunk?

Or would that be a problem for the Aussie crowd? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Taking away their forum licence for 30 days :smile:

The devs probably slam Fosters while designing new troops, abities, talent trees, and events, so there shouldn’t be a problem with drunk posting.

I would request that Corrupt S-ORC-eress be made an Orc, as her name clearly implies.


Just to be clear: your post above doesn’t contribute to the conversation. It’s just an attempt to squash the conversation. You didn’t have to reply. if you didn’t like my idea, you could have simply said so or simply said nothing. Instead you went out of your way to be rude.

I understand that the internet is full of people that go out of their way to be rude, this isn’t my first time logging on. At first I wasn’t going to say anything. This is hardly my best idea. Then I saw that you have “Support” after your name and I didn’t want to say anything that could get me banned. But, if you are on these forums in some official capacity, doesn’t that make it worse? I have spent money on this game. I play it every day. I have encouraged my friends to play it.

Because of you I like it less now. I go out of my way to treat everyone with respect, even strangers. I have less respect for you now. I will probably be less likely to spend any more money on this game and be less likely to encourage my friends to play.

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Alright, so first of all my response was laced with sarcasm that was meant to be humorous. If I offended you, sorry.

Second of all, Doordash is not Gems of War. Doordash is a shitty “technology” company in the USA, but it is only marked as such so they don’t get fined for being essentially Uber, but for food delivery. Their support team is outsourced and is notorious for being absolutely useless to both customer and driver. Since I used to drive for it a while ago, I made the mock name as you see here.

I have nothing to do with the development of GoW, nor the team. I’m a player just like you.

Thanx for apology and the heads up about Doordash. :slight_smile:

No hard feelings.

Uh oh, that’s bannable. Or at least open to ridicule.

Maybe, but it would explain a lot…

Orc hero class! I mean we already have one tailor-made in Warlord, but somehow it counts as a Giant.

Make Roc an Orc. Clearly this is a simple transposition error. Also please remove the woefully anachronistic one-shot spell restriction from it.

Show a progress bar reflecting experience gained towards the next hero level on the main map, rather than a progress bar reflecting the current level as a percentage of 100 (especially since the level is shown numerically anyway).

More Gnome types. Have them sometimes pop up when you collect tribute (like the little dudes from Golden Axe), and you have to fight them in a rigged battle where they can run away easily but you have a shot at some other resources. Brings a little more “gachapon” and playability to the tribute aspect.

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What is this strange misconception that Aussies actually drink Forsters???

The awful Aussie beer that Aussie’s actually drink is VB. Gross.



The actor hides his face. Must be that bad. Lol. In the states we call it PBR. Ugh.

On the contrary, it should be compulsory that you must be drunk in order to post on the forums, that would make for some interesting reading!

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I’d just like to say, I like the Orcle idea haha. Sometimes, the best ideas are thought up under the influence…cause don’t tell me Lewis Carol was sober when he wrote Alice in Wonderland.

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I would like to be able to use ingots to upgrade weapons in a way that doesn’t cause the game to freeze. Please implement my idea thanks.

I agree with you. It always sucks when the first poster is one that is purposely mean spirited.

I disagree…

I don’t think @Doordash_Support was trying to be overtly nasty. He was being sarcastic - his way of conveying: the ideas made in the opening post, while very minor, even trivial, are also just silly and irrelevant. To which I agree. I don’t want to see Summoner renamed to Orcle; I think that’s stupid. The other changes make no sense to me: we don’t tag every troop as a Giant just because it’s quite big. Else every monster or vaguely large beast, let alone all the Mythics, could just as fairly be giants…

Some harmless fun from a poster after a drink, perhaps. But daft as game suggestions go.

Please refer to the thread title.

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