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New Twist on an Old Request

So we have talked about a traitstone crafting feature a time or two.

But I had an idea this morning, which I don’t recall seeing before. My apologies if this is redundant.

What if they switched the disenchant feature from souls to stones of that troops color?

Right now the soul gain is so nominal that I don’t believe many people use it at all. And this would really have people choosing between disenchant and Ascension in early and mid game.

Here is a rudimentary example:

Common- guaranteed 2 minor with chance at double

Rare- guaranteed 4 minor with chance at 2 major

Ultra rare- guaranteed 2 major with chance at double

Epic- Guaranteed 4 major with chance at 2 Arcane

Legendary- guaranteed 4 Arcane with chance at double

Mythic- guaranteed 2 Celestial with chance at double

Ideas, opinions, suggestions? All are welcome! :wink:

It’s another neat idea I don’t think we’ll ever see. Traitstones are a purchase driver, and any shortcutting risks both their bottom line, and the ire of those who put cash down on stones.

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I understand that thinking, however, speaking as somebody who is VIP 5 (i.e. Put their money where their mouth is) I would still like to see this implemented and would not feel slighted in the least. It would make the game stronger as a whole for VIPs like myself and free to players alike and I’m all for making GoW the best game out there! :wink:

But I also understand I am one voice… :expressionless:

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t disagree with the idea on its own merits. I just don’t think they’re likely to act on it while there’s no replacement “long pole” resource.

I would think a crafting/disenchantment system that costs gems would be nice and would give them another selling point in the game.

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Also, I would not dismiss disenchanting as a source of souls. For many high level folks, it’s probably true that disenchanting means too much work - and we’ve been burned once on not keeping extra copies of troops. However, I’m sure that there are many players for whom disenchanting is a good source of souls. Me, for one. I’ve got a few kingdoms at three stars, but many yet to go still at less than two. I have many mythic troops now, and every so often I resign myself to spending a half hour or so to disenchant them to boost my soul count.

Disenchanting for stones is an interesting idea though. Perhaps a choice, souls or stones?