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How is that possible for a mythic guardian troop currently?

I don’t think it’s possible that a player can get make guardian troop in about 2 days…

@Sirrian @Nimhain

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Why not? Maybe he is a big spender?

The math on that would be insane…

I agree with OP, something is fishy

Seal purchases are supposed to be limited to once per week. Even with the max possible purchases, it should have only been possible to gain 225 guild key drops total (30x $20.00 packs from the entire guild for 4 keys = 120 keys, and 1500 seals + 1000 purchased seals on self for another 125 keys). Since you need 191 copies of a specific guardian to mythic it, and each individual guardian is about 8.3% of the guild key drop pool… yeah, it is highly unlikely. Even an utlra-rare at this point would cause me to raise an eyebrow.


I didin’t know the purchases were limited, you are right something must be wrong

I bought all 3 packs this week and I can’t buy anymore. Can confirm it’s limited.

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Thanks guys, we’ll take a look into this.


Based on those numbers it is a less than 0.001% chance of likelihood.


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So you’re telling me there’s a chance!!?!


To pull 191 of the same Guardian out of 225 chests?

It’s statistically possible, but extremely unlikely

My numbers are a bit off if it is possible to buy every seal pack in the same week. Adjusting for that, we have:

$35.00 from every member for 7x30 guild keys for every member, presumable including self (210)
1500 personal seals (75)
1650 seals from purchases (82)

So 367 maximum possible keys total in a week. After a total over $1000 dollar expenditure.


He has 2 mythic guardians though, so he’d need to open 382 chests at least (even assuming they dropped nothing but these 2 guardians), and that is currently not possible at all.


Isn’t it possible to obtain them from VIP chests?

Guardians are supposed to be exclusive to guild chests, that was the whole idea.

Oh I seen that there were available in VIP since they came in. I thought that was meant to be for the next 19days or whatever timer was for the VIP. My bad!

Hack detected!
Banhammer activated.

Fix on the way!


You’re probably talking about this? The text probably got there by mistake, since it doesn’t match the adjacent image. What says you, @Sirrian?


1500 seals for doing the tasks to gain them, then an additional 1650 for shop purchases that week. Take all of that and divide it by cost of chest of 20 and you get 3150/20=157.5keyss

Just to be sure i think it would be better to check the entire guild @Sirrian, i mean, if it’s possible to detect the activity without too much trouble, because some could be using it to have mythics of normal troops long released.

Don’t forget the additional 210 keys if literally everyone in the guild purchased all three seal packs each week.

But the conversation is irrelevant, now; Sirrian already mentioned that they were cheating in some way.

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