All Guardians at mythic - why are they still dropping?

It was my understanding that once all Guardians got to mythic they would stop dropping from the guild chests. I just got a flood of them again this morning which is annoying as they took the place of troops I might have actually needed.

Have you got 4 copies of each one? I think that was the requirement.

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So you’re saying that Guardians would stop dropping when you have ascended them to mythic and have 4 copies? Why? I mean it doesn’t work like that for any other chests, right?

No, but the guardians are special.

Also you want at least 4 copies of every mythic. After that you can disenchant if you so decide to. Always a good idea to keep 4 copies though.

In case you want all 4 team slots to be the same troop.

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Yes got 4 copies at least 37+ of others lol. However, on reflection Courage who is only just on 4 copies may have only got there after I posted as I thought that just mythic was a requirement to stop. I will try later today when I have collected enough seals to open more chests. Thanks !

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When I look at the picture, I think that they only will stop dropping in the 20K and 40K Guild chests after they all are mythic. The common cards is under all the other chests 10K one and down.

I am a bit confused when it comes to this…

As far as I understood it Guardians don’t have any rarity assigned to them. They have a 50% drop chance for any guild chest, until you’ve got four of each at Mythic, then they will no longer show up at all.

yeah, but 10K chest and under will drop commons later, just not Guardians if one have all mythic.

The rarity of your guardians is irrelevant. Every chest you open has a 50% chance to be a guardian, no matter what your chest level and what rarity your guardians are. This continues until all of your guardians are mythic x4, at which point every chest has a 0% chance to be a guardian.

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Guardians has still a base rarity of common, and the 10K seals Guild chests and under will still pay out commons, but Guardians won’t be in the pay out pool anymore, when all of them are Mythic.

How can the currently rarirty of our Guardians be irrelevant, when they leave the guild chests when you get them all to mythic rarity x 4? I do say their rarity plays a huge role compared to when they are a common til they are a mythic, as they will disappear in the chests…

Because they have a flat 50% chance to show up in each chest, entirely disregarding rarity. You first get a coin flip on whether your chests contains a Guardian, only if it doesn’t the rarity table as displayed on the guild chest screen applies. Removing the coin flip has no effect on the distribution specified in the rarity table, they are independent probabilities.

I understand that part, but it is not irrelevant what rarity our Guardians are, they are all starting out as commons no matter if the 50% chance to get them is there or not, and they are leaving the guild chests when they are all Mythics, their rarity is not irrelevant if you ask me…

Once my guardians were all mythic and I had four of each, they stopped dropping.

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Look at it this way, there are really two types of guild chests:

1.) A chest that only contains the six Guardians.
2.) A chest as shown in the the seals progression table, containing only the regular troops, no Guardians.

While you don’t have all Guardians yet, you always flip a coin on whether you get the first or the second chest. Once you have all Guardians, they aren’t leaving the guild chest, the Guardian chest is removed. Which basically means you’ll be getting twice as many regular troops at the same distribution for your keys, because every chest is the one indicated by the seals progression table, not every second one (on average).


They are still leaving the Guild chests when they are all Mythic, so it is very relevant what rarity they are. Why do they leave the guild chests? Because they have reached the Mythic rarity. If their rarity were irrelevant they would have still been in the Guild chests when they all reached Mythic rarity, with other means, no change. So it is very relevant for what rarity they are(common-legendary vs. mythic), and a big change over when they all reach mythic rarity as they leaves the guild chests, they are the only base commons/or any troops in the game which leaves the chests when they reach Mythic. I am finished discussing this now, and have moved on.

One more to that topic. Does that mean that if you have all Guardians but one ascended to mythic with 4 copies you will be getting only the missing one up until it is mythic with 4 copies?

@esslee’s experience above suggests that you get all guild guardians until all of them are mythic x4.

@Grundulum and @esslee are correct. Until all Guardians are mythic and you have 4 copies of each, ALL of the guardians will continue to drop.

Fair enough, thanks for confirming that!