Guardian troops im gettin more than 4 at mythic level

I thought after you level a guardian to mythic and get 3 of them no more should be gained from chest, but i have 9

@Nimhain @Sirrian

you need all mythic to not get more from chests

before that you still get the usual numbers of all, also the one in mythic

I heard it should be 4x at mythic for all guardians

Yes it should be 4x mythic then only give you the ones you need to level the others to mythic

Nope. Until you have all guardians at 4x mythic, you can get any guardian from a chest.


I had the same understanding about it @DEMONorANGEL, but then Yonizaf corrected me and i looked for it just to be sure. Here is Sirrian’s quote from the Guilds Preview where he mentions it:

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I wonder what happens if a player with 4x Mythic Guardians disenchants some of them. Will they start getting Guardians out of guild chests again, or is the flag a permanent toggle in their account?

When guardians came out, they were bugged, and stoped droping after you had 4x of all of them, regardless of rarity.
At the time, you could do partial ascensions and make them drop again, so I suppose disenchanting 1 of them would cause them to drop again.

I recall it supposed to be once you get each one mythic with 4 copies, that guardian would stop dropping. There was a bug when first released that stopped you from getting more than 4 of each I think.

I have all my guardians at mythic and 4 copies of each. I can testify that until you have ALL of them at mythic x4 they will ALL continue to drop.