How does Siren work?

She creates 9 gems of a choosen enemy troop mana. So what if the enemy has two mana colors?

It picks one of the two colours at random.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

What is in your opinion the best red gem creator? Banshee?

Serpent is a great red gem creator :slight_smile:

Thanks, do the Agile sometimes sets in even if its down to 20%? Also there is some troops that deals more damage to poisoned enemy troops, traits/skill. Could you name those troops for me? Cheers!

Against poisoned enemy, troop with true shoot is great
Or you have Webspinner 3rd trait - Piercing Gaze with his spell

Does not have Piercing Gaze yet on Webspinner. I just see that Scale Guard deals a little more damage to poisoned troops, and it doesnt cost much mana either. I still feel I have missed some troops that deal more damage to poisoned enemy troops…

Strangely enough there is no trait involving more Skull dealing vs. Poisoned enemies other than Webspinner.
Crimson Bat’s the next closest thing otherwise.

Pyromania, Doom, and Virulence are the only non-legendary traits that deal double damage against status’d troops.

There are plenty of troops which poison an opponent when dealing skull damage though. Venomous is the trait.

there should be a dealing double skull damage on poisoned troops also. Only Webspinner has something like it as you say - dealing triple.